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Treat Yourself with MOBILESTYLES Before Going Back to School

Treat Yourself with MOBILESTYLES Before Going Back to School

Summer always ends too quickly and before you know it, it’s time to start preparing for school.


All the work school adds to your plate may suck, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up all the fun immediately. You still have some time to pamper yourself before the academic year begins. Why not treat yourself?


Self-care is amazing. The only downside to it is that it can break the bank. A manicure, pedicure, massage, or facial can all cost a pretty penny. So how can you treat yourself before going back to school without spending all your hard-earned money?

The simple answer is MOBILESTYLES App!


MOBILESTYLES App is one of the leading on-demand health and beauty digital platforms in the US. We deliver talented professionals to any location at any time! The amazing app allows clients, like you, to instantly find PROs in your city, be it in LA or New York!

Whether you are a client looking for on-demand service in the comfort of your home, at your office, or while relaxing outdoors, our PROs attention to detail and customer satisfaction are only a tap away! The best thing about the MOBILESTYLES App is that once you schedule a PRO to come over, they are required to show up in as little time as one hour! So you don’t have to sit around waiting. 

The MOBILESTYLES App has amazing PROs that offer barber services, braiding, hair coloring, eyelash extensions, hair styling, kids haircut, makeup, massage, nails, skincare, tanning, threading, weaves, and so many other essential services to choose from!

Relax Before Exams

The week before school starts, or even during midterm season, order yourself a massage and enjoy it in the comfort of your home or dorm room! This way you won’t have to stress about spending an immense amount of money or even worry about traffic getting to the spa. Studies have shown you perform best when you’re not full of anxiety or stress and allow yourself to debrief. Schedule some time to get a facial, or a simple pedicure to help you relax and get your mind off of school. You deserve it. 


Download the style that comes to you!

The #1 on-demand health and beauty app connecting you with local, vetted PROs.

  • Available Nationwide
  • 100s of services to choose from
  • Your time, your place

With MOBILESTYLES a good time is any time.

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