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What is Eyebrow Threading and is it Worth the Cost

What is Eyebrow Threading and is it Worth the Cost?

You’ve probably heard the term “eyebrow threading” or have seen it listed on professional beauty parlor and spa signs.


Even if you’re into the perfect brow, many of us aren’t familiar with eyebrow threading or what the process entails. Eyebrow threading originated in Asia. A piece of thread is taken and twisted on itself as it is glided along the eyebrow to shape it. This causes the unwanted hairs to be removed from the follicle but doesn’t damage the tender skin tissue around the eyebrow.

What is the benefit of eyebrow threading? Sure, there are other ways to remove unwanted hairs such as tweezing, plucking, shaving and waxing, but eyebrow threading is an easy procedure that gives you the thick, perfectly shaped eyebrows of your dreams. Whether you prefer full brows with a high arch or thin brows shaped in a more direct line, eyebrow threading could be your answer.

The eyebrow threading procedure takes approximately 15 minutes per visit. Not bad considering you’ll do away with all your stray hairs. Unlike waxing, threading removes only the hair and no skin, so you won’t be prone to the red irritation that waxing often leaves. You’ll feel a slight sting as the hairs are removed, much like with tweezing, but no burning sensation that comes from waxing.

Eyebrows are beautiful and help sculpt your face, as well as highlight your eyes. Maintaining gorgeously shaped brows is well worth the effort and cost. After a session of eyebrow threading, the hair-free results generally last from two to four weeks. The hair is pulled out at the root, as opposed to waxing or shaving where the root remains, so it takes longer for the hair to grow back. Is the procedure cost-effective? Yes! The price varies from about $25 to $35 per session. Not bad for perfectly shaped eyebrows!


Considering eyebrow threading isn’t too painful, and gives your brows a precise finish, I recommend the procedure. Even the tiniest hairs can be removed out of their follicle, and the professional maintains total control over which hairs are pulled out and which hairs remain. You can thread one hair at a time or a line of hair, giving you well-defined brows. Is eyebrow threading worth it? Absolutely. Once you’ve had the brow experience and take a look in the mirror, you probably won’t return to tweezing or waxing again.

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