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The Tom Holland Buzz Cut Look And How To Make Sure Itrsquos Right For You

The Tom Holland Buzz Cut Look And How To Make Sure It’s Right For You!

As if there wasn’t already a good enough reason to love him, now everyone is obsessing over his hair. We're talking about Tom Holland’s buzz cut.

With Tom Holland’s Buzz Cut trending, we’ve got some buzzcut styling tips!

The new age Spiderman is rocking a buzz cut we all can’t help but love. Stars are weighing in, and it's kind of epic! Why this drastic change in his look came about is simple. He is getting ready for his new role in the movie “Cherry”, in which he plays an army medic turned bank robber. I know … It sounds pretty interesting. So anyway, back to the cut! Tom Holland’s buzz cut may have a lot of you guys thinking about a drastic change for yourself. Well, before you reach for the clippers, let’s figure out a few things. These things are very simple and can make the difference between a great look and a nightmare!

First, what shape is your head? This question may make you laugh but think about it. You don’t want to end up choosing a buzz cut that accentuates the lumps in your head, do you? Probably not. So take a look at your head, feel around, and check your head out in the mirror. 

Second, What shape is your face? While you’re looking in the mirror, focus on your facial features. Are your cheekbones high? Do you have a bigger forehead? These are some things to consider while making sure you choose the cut that compliments your face.

Third, how do you choose the right cut for both? Taking these simple things into account, you can choose the right look for you. Another thing that comes into play are the nerves. Yes. Hair grows back, but that can take a little while. If you are nervous about getting a buzzcut for the first time, complete the little self-check and take a look at this guide below!


The Military Cut (otherwise known as the Induction cut)

If you've seen a member of the military, you’ve seen this cut. It is tight and low and looks good on those with just about any head and face shape.


The Crew Cut

Zac Efron had this cut for a while, and it may just be the best grown-man look ever seen on him! It looks great on a guy with a square jawline. It’s a sophisticated look that brings out the angles of the face.


The Burr Cut 

This cut is a little like the military cut, as in the hair is the same length all over. The difference is, it’s not as short. This is a rugged cut that really makes an angled chin and chiseled face look really good!


The Butch Cut 

The late Paul Walker was famous for this cut. It's a little longer than the Burr, but it still gives you that buzz cut feel. This is a good cut for someone who isn’t sure that the look is right for them and wants to try a shorter length for a change. Bonus points for someone who has defined cheekbones and a little five-o-clock shadow!

Tom Holland’s buzz cut has us all a bit eager for a change-up. Now that you’re equipped with a little know-how and a clear direction on what buzzed look would be right for you, it’s time to pull the trigger so to speak. If you can do this cut at home, go for it. If you don’t have the skill to get it just right, have one of our PROs at MOBILESTYLES give you the look you want!


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