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Coachella 2018 Week One Roundup

Coachella 2018: Week One Roundup

Coachella Week 1 is done! And It was so much fun! Here's a roundup of what happened and Week 2 festival goers know what to expect.

From the Yodeling Walmart boy to Cardi B, Coachella truly came to play this year. From art installations such as a rainbow staircase to a massive star and an Imax theater that had visual effects beyond belief, Coachella was truly a place for every person and every mood. Whether you were feeling tired, hungry, bored, or like you were on top of the world and wanted to dance your Converse off, it was more than easy to find a place to hang. Everything about Coachella's first week exceeded my expectations (except the phone service). This is not only my first music festival, keep in mind, but this is my first time seeing most of my favorite artists with my favorite people on this planet (cousins and sisters and more cousins). It was such a game changer! So, I am here to tell you the ups and downs, where you weekend 2 goers need to hit up, and the outfits that were on point.



Photo by Carly Fyrwald


Day 1: People pulled out all the stops.

We started with Cash Cash (a DJ I had never heard of before this festival) and it started the weekend off just right. He had us dancing, singing, laughing, and even some people (the true fans) started crying. He was an amazing performer and got the whole crowd invested in what was a fantastic performance. Then we continued to venture over to the “Doo Lab” which was a tent that played music non-stop the entire weekend. They had rap, trap, EDM, and everything in between and it was truly nothing but a happy dance party (next to the food and beer garden which was a plus). Then my group and I continued to see Alan Walker, Deorro, Kygo, TroyBoi, SZA, and then finally The Weeknd. And let me tell you weekend 2’ers, SZA is a must see! I won’t tell you why, but trust me on this one.


On Day 1, we saw celebrities Bella Thorne and Kylie Jenner (hard to miss with the bright pink hair) and their outfits were fire! People were wearing everything from amazing floral gowns, headdresses, and the more practical were sporting skirts with comfy shoes, and thin shirts in order to bear the heat.




Photo by Carly Fyrwald


Day 2: A little less overdressed

On Day 2 everyone was exhausted, I blame the fact that getting an Uber back to the hotel the night before took about two hours, meaning we weren’t in bed until about 3 AM. But, we woke up, put on some comfy festival clothing and hopped back into dancing mode. We didn’t start until a little later so the first performers we saw was Chromeo. I am absolutely obsessed with Chromeo and they truly brought me back from the living dead. We then ventured to Borns, Snakehips, David Byrne, Louis the Child, Fleet Foxes, Post Malone, and finally Beyonce. Now, I know most of you won’t know who David Byrne is, but if you’ve ever heard of The Talking Heads GO SEE THIS GUY. Beyonce also absolutely rocked the crowd. Now, I am not that big of a fan of “Queen Bey,” but this changed my mind. From the Destiny’s Child reunion to Jay-Z saying hello, she absolutely rocked my Day 2 dreams.


On this day, outfits were a little more casual. I once again blame it on the exhaustion, as well as the heat, but don’t get me wrong... people still looked absolutely amazing. The people-watching was spectacularly interesting! We saw everything from barely any clothes to sweatpants matched with Balenciaga sneakers.




Photo by Carly Fyrwald


Day 3: The absolute best day.

I woke up feeling ready to go! I’m not sure if that was because Cardi B was breathing the same air as me or because I finally got around 6 hours of sleep, but I was ready to go. I threw on my red cropped tube top paired with a white denim skirt and a rainbow sweatshirt and we were out the door (we were also homeless due to our hotel checkout time, meaning we had to go a little early). We decided to get some pizza and hang out in the back of the Coachella stage, and not surprisingly we were introduced to some amazing artists. Starting with Lion Babe followed by Lanny, I fell in love with two new singers. Lanny was amazing. His voice was spectacular, and because so many people left Sunday morning, we were actually able to have some space to watch him perform. Next, we saw Vance Joy who to no surprise was killer, and then the ultimate show... CARDI B! If you can’t tell yet, I LOVE this woman. She is hysterical and so talented. She belted my favorite songs and brought out a special guest who rocked the stage. After Cardi, we decided to chill for a little and people-watch until Odesza brought us back to life. Let me tell you if you Weekend 2 goers do ANYTHING you absolutely must see this show. From a drum line to a light show, they once again exceeded all of my expectations and made my voice hoarse from screaming out their lyrics.



Photo by Carly Fyrwald


From seeing every single body type possible to Instagram models posing for their pictures, we truly saw people full of beauty and life. Everyone was happy, dancing, smiling, laughing, and enjoying themselves like never before. With lack of sleep and exhausted legs from jamming out to amazing music, I can now fully understand why Coachella has the hype and excitement behind it. From hunting Cameron Dallas down for a picture, only to get rejected, to major wardrobe malfunctions, Coachella will be spoken about at every Christmas dinner from now until forever.



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