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Check Out Our Joker Halloween Makeup Guide

Check Out Our Joker Halloween Makeup Guide!

The time has come where we decide what our alter ego is going to be for Halloween. We want to take on the iconic Joker Halloween makeup.

This Joker Halloween makeup guide is all you’ll need to pull off the iconic look! 

The options are endless and your imagination can come up with some interesting looks. The sky’s the limit on Halloween.

The last few decades have evolved the depiction of The Joker from his birth and introduction in 1940 to the latest portrayal played by Joaquin Phoenix. This villain has been revived time and time again with a new spin on each movie. From Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and Jared Leto. Some representations have been superb while others have made you cringe.

This latest portrayal has been a masterpiece! Joaquin Phoenix gave us a deeper insight into the mind of The Joker and how his descent into madness happened.

So if you’re looking to convey the essence of The Joker Halloween makeup look, you’re going to need a few products to capture the spirit of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.


Face paints

Not all face paint is created equal. Not in price or longevity. Depending on how serious you’re taking your Halloween costume you’ll need to consider how much money you’re willing to fork over to re-create this costume.

You can go the less expensive route and buy white face paint from your local Halloween store, but if you’re looking to get better quality face paints, you should check out the brand Ben Nye or Mehron

The products will range in price, anywhere from $7-$15 if you purchase each color individually. You can always purchase a palette of all the necessary colors, although palettes will have a wide selection of colors that you may not need, they’ll range from $30 and up.

You need to get yourself: white, blue, and red. You’ll also need to consider the consistency of the face paint - do you want cream, water, or alcohol-based? This is what will determine the longevity of your makeup.

First step

Prep your skin with a light layer of moisturizer. This will ensure that the makeup will go on smoothly.

Second step

This is where you’ll apply the white face paint all over your face. Make sure to read the instructions on the label. If you purchased a water-based face paint, you’ll need to activate the product with water so you’ll need to have a bowl of water and a towel to prevent getting the product everywhere.

Use a foundation brush to spread the white face paint all over your face. The face paint should look worn in so no need for perfection here.


Third step

You’re going to take the blue face paint and draw a triangle over each eyebrow, one bigger than the other, this can be messy too. Then you’re going to draw two upside-down triangles from the lashline down to the bridge of your nose, keep the messy theme going here! Smudge the edges a bit with your finger to make the blue look worn in.

Fourth step

You have a couple of options here: you could buy a red face paint like the white and blue that was needed in the second and third step, or you can use a red lipstick and a lip liner to complete this look. Completely up to you.

If you choose to use a red lipstick, it’ll take a little more finessing because the product may not glide on as easily as a face paint, but if you want to save yourself some coin, using a red lipstick might be a better option.

Start from top-down to avoid any unnecessary transfer of makeup to your clothes or hands. The eyebrows are pretty easy. You’ll draw two tear-drop like small eyebrows on your forehead with a small eyeliner brush, rounding the inner part of the eyebrows. 

Make them sad looking and taper them in towards the tail of the brow, filling them in completely. You may need to do a second coat of paint to make them nice and vibrant.

Next, the nose. Use a small, flat, dense brush. The Joker covers his nostrils and the tip of his nose in red. Make sure to do a rough outline first to make sure you get the shape right. Start with a light hand to make sure you’re happy with the shape before you fill it in. Again, you might have to add a second layer of paint to get the desired vibrancy.

Last but not least is the mouth and the part that will take the most time because you’re covering a lot of space. Do a rough outline of the shape. Think of a watermelon wedge. 

The shape shouldn’t be perfect because Joaquin Phoenix’s character doesn’t make the mouth perfect. One side should be higher than the other. Keep both corners pointy and smudge out part of the mouth to keep that worn-in look throughout the whole face.

Important tip: KEEP THE MAKEUP MESSY. If you purchase water-based makeup, you can add those drips of paint under the eye and under the mouth by saturating the brush with water and letting the color naturally drip down the face.

Fifth step

You can’t be The Joker without the green hair. Purchase a temporary green hair spray to complete the look. This should cost about $5 or so.

That’s it! You’re sure to capture the madness of this villain through your Halloween costume! If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed about applying Joker halloween makeup yourself, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to one of our MOBILESTYLES makeup professionals, and they’ll be sure to transform you into this sad and disturbed Joker for your next Halloween party.


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