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The Best Nose Contouring Makeup Tips

The Best Nose Contouring Makeup Tips

No matter the size and shape of your nose, many people look in the mirror and wish their nose was smaller. We’ve got a nose contouring makeup guide.

This nose contouring makeup guide will help you get the look you deserve!

Every nose is a prominent facial feature, unique in its own way. For those of you that wish to alter your natural nose shape, going the route of plastic surgery isn’t necessarily the best option. Good news! You can make your nose appear smaller and thinner with this nose contouring makeup guide. Yes, makeup is that magical!

The main makeup products to use for this task are concealers and highlighters. You need to find shades that are slightly darker and/or lighter than your skin tone. The perfect pair of concealer and highlighter can be a powder or cream base. When highlighting, use a color that is two to three times lighter than your natural skin tone. For concealer, go a shade darker. 

Apply Primer and Foundation

The primer will help minimize pores, and the foundation gives the contouring makeup something to grip on to. Use your fingertips or a makeup sponge to apply the primer and foundation. Remember, the foundation should match your skin tone.


Apply Highlighter

Use an angled brush and draw a thin line down the center of your nose with the highlighter. Start at the top of your nose and continue down to the tip. Gently run a blending brush down the center of your nose to soften the harsh edges. The highlighting will also add dimension to your face.

Use Eyeshadow to Slim a Wide Nose

Use a light contour or ash-brown eyeshadow to emphasize the shape of your nose by going over the darker lines. Use a clean, angled brush and draw the eye shadow from the inner corners of your eyes down toward your lip. Blend the eyeshadow upwards toward the highlighting with a blending brush.

Apply Eyeshadow Under the Tip of the Nose

This will make your nose look smaller. Start by drawing the eye shadow down either side of your nose. Extend the eye shadow under the tip of your nose, just above the nostrils. Blend the bottom shadow up towards the tip of the nose. This will lift your nose and make it look shorter.

Use a Soft Blending Brush

Run the blending brush down the sides of your nose, between the highlighter and the eye shadow to soften harsh lines. Feather the eye shadow toward your face by brushing across the side of your nose.

Set With Translucent Face Powder

Dust some setting powder over your nose and face. This will set the contouring makeup and prevent it from shifting, as well as soak up any excess oil. Use a translucent powder that matches your natural skin tone. 

If you are trying out a new look or experimenting with altering the size and shape of your nose, there truly are easy ways to make your nose look smaller and thinner with makeup. You can also draw attention away from your nose by wearing bright lipstick, colorful eye shadow, and even by the way you part your hair. Parting your hair straight down the center directs people’s eyes toward your nose; side parts draw the eye away from the nose.

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