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Easy and Simple Thanksgiving Makeup

Easy and Simple Thanksgiving Makeup

Let the PROs at MOBILESTYLES help you get ready for your Thanksgiving party with this simple Thanksgiving makeup guide!

Try out these simple Thanksgiving makeup ideas!

Thanksgiving typically centers around food, family, and gratitude. This year, reward yourself by being the star. There are subtle ways to be the center of attention and going through the day looking polished and gorgeous is a major way to accomplish this. Follow this simple Thanksgiving makeup guide for the perfect look!


The Steps to a Cosmetic Makeover

  • Apply a Moisturizer and Primer: Using a hydrating cream before putting on makeup helps the cosmetics you apply blend into your skin. This prevents your makeup from caking up.
  • Apply Concealer and Foundation: Concealers help to cover blemishes and red spots. Foundation evens out your skin tone, leaving you with a flawless complexion. With foundation, use a color that matches your skin or is one shade darker. Apply the foundation with a makeup sponge or brush to avoid getting oils from your fingertips on your face.
  • Fill in the Eyebrows: If you color or fill in your eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil and brush/comb to draw on, darken, and shape the brows. Full, arched eyebrows bring out the beauty of your face.
  • Apply Lipstick: Putting on your lipstick before eyeshadow and blush is a good idea. The colors of lipsticks you choose can make your face pop, be noticed, and look glamorous. This elevates your mood and brings out the luster of your face. For a polished look, match your lipstick color to your clothing and/or eyeshadow you are going to wear.
  • Add Eyeshadow: Whether you prefer lots of eyeshadow, like a smokey eye or cat eye, or simply a thin swipe across your eyelids, eyeshadow helps to make your eyes look larger and defined.  Eyeshadow definitely brings out the appeal of your eyes.
  • Mascara and Eyeliner: To finish the eyes, mascara and eyeliner are a must. I prefer dramatic black, but colored mascara and eyeliner can be a fun change. The longer the eyelashes, the more gorgeous the eyes, so false eyelashes work if you want your eyes to mesmerize.
  • Brush on Blush/Rouge: Rosy, healthy cheeks are a must for a fabulous cosmetic makeover. Popular blush colors are red, pink, orange, and nude. Brush on just the right amount to make your cheeks glow and your cheekbones stand out.
  • Translucent Face Powder: Now that your cosmetic face is on, and you look beyond lovely, brush a light amount of translucent powder over your face to eliminate shine and keep your makeup in place. A setting spray works as well.


Since Thanksgiving colors are yellow, gold, orange, and green, why not use those colors in your makeup routine? Brown eyeshadow, a bronze blush, and a rust or nude lip color looks marvelous. Now that your face is sheer perfection, you are free to concentrate on the cooking, eating, and socializing in the hours ahead.

Applying your own makeup isn’t always easy, but to the style PROs at MOBILESTYLES, glamming you up is cosmetic genius. In the morning, before the festivities begin, book a cosmetic makeover with a MOBILESTYLES beauty expert. They will travel to you, anytime, anywhere. Put the turkey in the oven, stay comfortable in your robe and slippers, sit back in your favorite chair, and let MOBILESTYLES’ professionals make up your face to pretty perfection.

Truth be told, you deserve a day of pampering with MOBILESTYLES! Beautiful, beguiling, and bold, easily obtained through this simple Thanksgiving makeup guide!

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