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7 Cool Sports Gadgets In Fitness You Need To Check Out

7 Cool Sports Gadgets In Fitness You Need To Check Out!

Are you looking for something to spice up your workouts a bit? These cool sport gadgets can help shake up your fitness routine in the best way!

Check out some of these cool sports gadgets!

You’ve got to admit that, ever since fitness gadgets have made their debut, it has become that much easier for those who are working to hit their fitness goals. If you haven't at least tried a Fitbit, you have done yourself a disservice! Tracking your heart rate, steps per day, and other fitness stats can be very helpful to you on your journey. There are a lot of fitness gadgets out there, and this list of must-haves does not disappoint! Check out the latest in cool sports gadgets!

Whoop fitness strap

This band will whip you into shape! It has been used by world class athletes and trainers alike. The best thing about this band is that it tracks physiological data 24/7 that can be analyzed to make sure you are maximizing your workout, getting good sleep, and enough recovery time. It’s waterproof and lightweight and, honestly, I don’t know how we all live without it.


Waterproof earbuds 

This is awesome! It is such a shame to have to workout in silence when it’s raining. These earbuds change everything! Swimbuds like the H2O Audio Surge headphones have been worn by Olympians, and they come in two shapes to ensure comfort. Whether you’re a swimmer or just like that they won’t be ruined in the rain, these earbuds have you covered!

Shoelace step counter

No pedometer, no problem! This has to be the most innovative way of counting your steps I've seen. For those who don’t like carrying their phone everywhere or wearing a watch with a step counter, these shoelaces may just be your saving grace. You just tie the step counter onto your shoelaces and go!

Hyperice Percussion Massage Device

Talk about comfort. If you haven't tried this little gadget, you are truly missing out! It can be a little pricey, especially from brand to brand, but the deep massage it gives your muscles is well worth it. This particular brand comes with a few different attachments for your comfort! 


Ozmo Active Smart Bottle

We all need this reminder in our life. The Ozmo water bottle reminds you to drink your water by vibrating throughout the day. It also connects to Bluetooth so that you can keep track of your water habits. If you can’t remember to drink water, I highly recommend this cool gadget!

Jaxjox KettlebellConnect

This Jaxjox Kettlebell system is the ultimate in fitness. It’s compact, and you can take it anywhere. When you want to get a good kettlebell workout in, click to the weight, then dismount and get to work. You can change the weight by adjusting on the mount (there are 6 weight options) and stacking a different weight. It’s so easy! All you need to do now is make sure you know how to properly wield a kettlebell!


Powerdot Pain Reliever

Recover faster and avoid training muscle fatigue with this cool gadget! Recovery is a serious part of your fitness regimen. The Powerdot connects to your phone via Bluetooth and controls the electric impulses through 10 different programs. 

Check out these cool sports gadgets and see how they can make a difference in your training. When you take your fitness training to the next level, you’ll feel better, and it will become easier for you to turn a fitness program into a lifestyle!


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