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Choose These Upcycled Clothing Brands For America Recycles Day

Choose These Upcycled Clothing Brands For America Recycles Day!

November 15th marks “America Recycles” day, and we’ve picked some of our favorite upcycled clothing brands! Check them out here.

Go green by choosing one of the following up cycled clothing brands!

In other words, here is a good excuse to purge your closet and get rid of everything you don’t use. And let’s be real, giving away your clothes to recycling rather than throwing them away is better for the environment. The landfill doesn’t need any more jeans. According to an EPA study, the world produced about sixteen million pounds of clothing. These textiles end up in landfills and thus add to the issues the world has with textile waste. Americans add to that total by contributing up to a whopping 80 pounds of clothing per year. Some retail brands have recognized this issue and are taking action to help you remember to recycle your clothes.

Did you know that most stores like Madewell, H&M, The North Face, Patagonia, or Levi’s have a clothing recycling program? Most of the companies that do this set rewards and/or guidelines for how to participate. Here’s how to donate to the biggest upcycled clothing brands!



Madewell takes back your old jeans! You can bring all of your unwanted jeans to any Madewell location and receive $20 off of your new pair of jeans. The best part is restocking your closet with new quality jeans.


This brand is also specific about which donations they accept. Levi’s accepts all of your unwanted jeans at any location. When you donate, you get $20 off of a single item.


You can bring unwanted clothes of any brand to any H&M location (or “& Other Stories,” one of their higher-end brands) anywhere in the world, and you’ll get 15% off of your purchase for every donation. 



This company has a “Worn Wear” program that allows you to bring any used and unwanted Patagonia clothing to any location for store credit (ranging from $10 - $100) that can be used toward your next purchase.

The North Face

Take your unwanted clothes, no matter the brand, into any North Face location and get $10 toward your next North Face purchase. The catch is, the purchase has to be over $100. 


Eileen Fisher

Donate your unwanted Eileen Fisher pieces back to any Eileen Fisher retail location (or mail them in - visit the website for details), and you’ll receive $5 for each garment.

And last but not least. My new favorite thing in life… 

For Days

This brand allows you to swap your basics forever! It’s a subscription-based company with a small fee to join. When you sign up for a free For Days Trial Kit, you are gifted with a Recycle bag which is sent to you with your first order. Send this Recycle bag back with unwanted garments, and your account is credited $4.

These kinds of upcycled clothing brand programs not only help you get rid of the unused clothes in your closet, but it also helps take away from the big problem of global waste. The rewards alone are worth it, but this easy way to purge your closet can really set you up for success with each seasonal wardrobe change.


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