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10 Great Winter Skincare Products For Beating Dry Skin

10 Great Winter Skincare Products For Beating Dry Skin

This winter, you're going to need some help beating dry skin. Here are the products you need to have in your arsenal for the upcoming cold weather.

These winter skincare products will save your skin this season!

Because the seasons are changing, you need to remember to change your skincare regimen as well. It may seem like a waste of time and money to research and try new products, but if you don’t, you’ll notice that your skin will do some crazy things. Now, all of us have the capacity to suffer from dry skin in the winter depending on the climate in which we live. In order to combat that, you have to have a game plan. And we’ve got you covered! Use these winter skincare products and thank us later!

Use a humidifier

Using a humidifier in your home is the number one rule for taking care of your dry skin this winter. Make sure the humidifier sits in an open room so that you don’t have any issues with mold. It increases moisture in the air and keeps your house comfortable.


Moisturize frequently

Always moisturize throughout the day. Moisturizing frequently helps protect the skin from the drying air. Make sure you pay extra attention to your hands and feet. No one likes dry, cracked cuticles, and hands need that extra love since they are usually exposed to the elements.


Switch up your skincare routine

You are most likely using water-based products over the spring and summer, but when the weather breaks, it's time to switch things up! You need to use heavier, butter-based products, even for your face. Think about it: your face is exposed to the elements as well so it has a much higher chance of drying out. Your lips also need more TLC to make sure they don’t dry out. 

Stay hydrated

This is not just a fitness tip; this is a life tip. Your body needs to stay hydrated from the inside out. It is a common mistake to think that your body won’t be as vulnerable as it is in the summer months due to the humidity, but your body has the same water requirements in the winter. Drinking lots of water will keep your skin hydrated under those buttery creams you are using. Look at it this way: you are keeping the elements out (including any water or moisture in the air) so now your skin needs another source of water- that’s the water you drink!


Take shorter, lukewarm showers

Shorter, lukewarm showers will ready your skin to face the elements. Cold showers cause your skin to shut the pores and hot showers keep your pores open for a bit. Keeping the temperature in the middle will keep your pores open long enough to get the benefits of your lotion or body butter but close quickly after application, helping to keep out the chills. 

A gentle cleanser

A gentle cleanser, like Cetaphil, will help balance moisture and clean your skin properly without drying it out. That is key for any winter skincare. You want a product that will help you retain your natural moisture as well as remove dirt from your skin.

A facial moisturizer with SPF is a must

Your facial moisturizer should still include an SPF. After all, the sun doesn’t go away in the winter months. No matter the temperature, the sun rays still have the capacity to damage your skin. If you need to, swipe a thin layer of SPF under your moisturizer before you put on your makeup to ensure your skin is protected. Check out Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright SPF 30 Skin Tone Correcting Oil-Free Moisturizer. You can also use makeup with SPF. 


Use moisturizing lotions or butters for the whole body

Using a body butter like Cetaphil or Shea Moisture will do wonders for protecting your body. The skin on your face is more delicate, but your body can take heavier body balms and butters. It’s best to go with something heavier on your body even though you are wearing heavier clothing. You can never be too safe when it comes to locking moisture in. 

“Drink up” with an overnight mask 

To make sure your skin is getting the love that it needs, an overnight mask can work wonders. Origins “Drink Up” overnight mask does wonders for the skin while you sleep. You get all of the nourishing benefits of a professional facial overnight. You can wake up the next morning knowing that your skin is prepped and ready for your morning skincare routine.

A gentle body scrub

Everyone needs a little body scrub. A gentle one for the winter is a must! You want to make sure it’s not stripping you of your natural oils, so using one like Love Beauty & Planet’s Peace and Glow Creamy Body Scrub in Sugar and Rose is a great option. It gently exfoliates your skin and adds moisture with its creamy base!

This list of winter skincare products will help you avoid the common mistakes and mishaps many face when the autumn leaves turn into snowfall, the winds pick up, and the temperature drops. Even if you live in a warmer climate like Southern California, these tips can be useful. Think about it, the weather is still changing. That means you need to make a few adjustments so your skin doesn’t change with it!


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