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How To Perform In-Flight Skincare

How To Perform In-Flight Skincare

The flight may take hours, but the air in the plane will leave your skin feeling desirable, which is why we recommend in-flight skincare.

In-flight skincare can save you some major discomfort when traveling!

The excitement of going on vacation starts days before you jump on that plane. You pack your luggage with a few new outfits. You plan your itinerary so you can hit up all the trendy restaurants, sight-seeing locations, and bars. You plan on going full tourist at your final destination. Before you get there, you’ve got to deal with the flight. We’ve got some great in-flight skincare tips to make things easier. 

To save your skin from flaking, dry patches, and the look and feel of dehydration, follow these suggestions:


Travel sized

Pack travel-size bottles of your favorite products so you don’t have to lug around full-size products that will weigh down your carry-on bag.

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

Bring hand sanitizer because you never know what kinds of bacteria are lingering around the plane. You don’t want to touch the seat and then your face. 

Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water, especially if you’re on a long flight.

Cleansing wipes

Cleansing wipes

Bring cleansing wipes for your face. Neutrogena has single-use face cleansing wipes that you can take with you. Pack only the quantity you need so you don’t take unnecessary amounts of product. 

Sheet masks

Sheet masks are a great way to pamper your face while you’re on the plane. They come in a variety of treatments to purify, moisturize, and brighten the skin. Because you want to combat drying skin, we recommend you find a sheet mask that will hydrate your skin.

Face cream

Face cream

After you’ve used your sheet mask, you’re going to want to add a layer of face cream to lock in and add moisture to your skin. Bring a heavy-duty cream that’s meant for dry skin. 

Mist spray

You’ve cleansed your skin with a facial wipe, pampered it with a sheet mask, and added a layer of cream. Now it’s time for you to mist your face with a hydrating mist for extra moisture. You might want to mist your face from time to time to keep it nice and dewy.

Lip Balm

We’ve been talking all about the face but have neglected to talk about your lips. Your lips can easily dry out. Make sure that you bring a lip balm that will protect your skin from the recycled air and help your lips stay soft and supple. 


We never think about how close we are to the sun when we’re in a plane. We probably don’t even think about wearing SPF because we’re inside, but you definitely should have SPF on hand, especially if you’re sitting near a window.


The last product you must have while you’re on your flight is a concealer. You want to use this to spot-conceal any discoloration or dark circles you have because of the long flight. You don’t want to add too much makeup while you’re on the plane, but you also don’t want to look tired once you get off. 

These essential skin-loving products will save you from texture and flaky patches, allowing you to look your best when getting ready to explore all the beautiful sights you’re about to see.

We hope this in-flight makeup guide helps you on your next trip!


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