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6 Quick Pimple Removal Tips

6 Quick Pimple Removal Tips

Getting an untimely pimple before a big event can be a total confidence crusher. No worries, we have some great pimple removal tips for you!

Here are a few pimple removal tips to try at home.

While we love you just the way you are, we’ve rounded up 6 pimple removal tips to get rid of a pimple quickly so you can zap that zit ASAP and get back to being your confident, radiant self! 

The Aspirin Trick

While the toothpaste pimple hack has been around for years, that can actually cause more damage to your skin. The aspirin trick is a much safer and effective way to heal a pimple quickly (and can even reduce the pain). Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which is actually a main ingredient in many acne-fighting skin care products. To make a paste, crush 1 aspirin tablet and mix it with a tiny bit of water. Apply the mixture directly to your pimple and watch it disappear! 


Ice It

The best way to reduce inflammation is to ice the affected area. By applying ice to an angry pimple, it will heal faster, and the redness and swelling will greatly reduce. Be careful not to apply ice directly to the skin as the cold could break the capillaries underneath. Always wrap the ice before putting it on your skin. 


Don’t Touch Your Face

As tempting as it is to touch (& even try to pop) a pimple, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE. A pimple is simply an infection stemming from clogged pores, and the absolute worst thing you can do for an infection is to add the bacteria from your hands to it. The more you touch and pick, the longer your pimple will take to heal.


Use A Raw Honey Mask

Raw honey has natural antibacterial properties. Since a pimple is just a bacterial infection, it only makes sense that applying raw honey to the affected area will work to heal your pimple naturally and quickly. The best part about raw honey is that you can get it anywhere (and you might already have it in your pantry). Raw honey is gentle on the skin so there’s no worry of further irritation. 


Spot Treat with Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is another naturally antibacterial product. Simply mix 1 part tea tree oil with 9 parts water and use a cotton swab to apply the mixture directly to the affected area a couple of times a day. Make sure you dilute the tea tree oil with water properly as tea tree oil on its own is too strong for the skin (and will definitely irritate a pimple).


Don’t Stress

A main cause of acne is actually stress. While it’s important for your health (and skin health) to maintain your stress levels on a daily basis, it’s even more important to not stress about actually having a pimple. Blemishes are natural, and everyone gets them. Yup, even Beyoncé!

We hope these pimple removal tips prove useful to you!


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