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January Issue Taylor Swift British Vogue

January Issue: Taylor Swift British Vogue

All the Swifties stand up! Read on for tips on how to achieve your own style transformation like Taylor Swift’s British Vogue issue.

Read on for tips on how to achieve your own style transformation like Taylor Swift’s British Vogue issue.

Taylor Swift is best known for her lengthy and extremely successful career. She has been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, she was the youngest person to ever win a Grammy award for Album of the Year at just 20 years old, her album “Fearless” is the most awarded album in country music history, Taylor has the most (14) top 10 debuts for a female artist on the Billboard Hot 100, her Reputation Stadium Tour was the highest grossing North American Tour for a female artist in the last 10 years, she is responsible for 3 of the top 10 fastest selling albums, and she was just named Artist of the Decade at the 2019 American Music Awards- just to name a few of her accomplishments. Taylor Swift’s British Vogue cover was another to add to the list.

Among all of the groundbreaking career accomplishments mentioned, Taylor Swift has also  managed to ever-so-gracefully evolve her image and style from a young girl to a woman during the span of her career over the last 13 years. 

Taylor Swift’s latest Vogue Cover is titled ‘New Decade, New Style’- read on for tips on how you can achieve your own style transformation (like Taylor’s!)


Don’t be afraid to be bold

Change up your style “fearlessly” (that was a Taylor Swift pun.) The only way to find out what style works best for you is to experiment and try new things!


Assess your current style, wardrobe, and makeup collection

Before you can figure out what you’d like to change, you need to assess what you already have. By setting aside the things you love, and donating the things you don’t, you’re making room for the new items for your style transformation and rediscovering old pieces that will work with your new style!


Start with style

The easiest way to transform your style is to start with clothing. If you’re looking to add more edge to your style, play with dark colors and textures. If you’re looking to add more fun, opt for colourful pieces! There are a million ways to change up your look when it comes to fashion.

Chop it off

While it’s probably the biggest and most drastic change, cutting your hair has to be the most liberating! If you’ve ever thought about changing up your hair, adding layers, getting bangs, or dyeing your tresses, the start of the new decade is the perfect time. 


An easy way to play with and change your style is to incorporate different accessories like jewelry, scarves, headbands, hats, and handbags. 


Play with makeup

Another great way to switch up your style is to play with different makeup looks. If you’re not experienced with makeup and what to do with a 100 color eyeshadow palette- look no further than YouTube makeup tutorials. There are millions of videos online that you can follow along with to create your own style transformation with makeup similar to Taylor Swift’s British Vogue cover.

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