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Advent Calendar Gift Boxes Are All The Rage

Advent Calendar Gift Boxes Are All The Rage

Counting “up” the days to Christmas has gotten a lot more interesting with a newly revived tradition: advent calendar gift boxes.

These advent calendar gift boxes make great holiday gifts!

These advent calendar gift boxes make great holiday gifts!

Advent calendar

It’s called advent calendars. Now, I say “counting up” because the word advent means “coming,” and in this case, Christmas is coming! For example, if you were using candles, you would end up lighting a candle a day until you end up with 24 instead of starting with 24 lit candles and blowing them out every day until you get to one. It’s like building up to the excitement of Christmas day. That’s the whole point of an advent calendar! If you’ve never heard of this type of calendar, it dates back to the mid-19th century and has been traditionally marked by different paper “doors” with a bible verse behind it and/or a piece of chocolate. Advent calendars were also used to remind people of the true meaning of Christmas. Well, in true modern fashion, society has taken an old tradition and made it new again. But be warned, this is not your grandmother’s old 24-days to Christmas advent; this is a hip, modern take on advent calendars.

Advent calendars are all the rage right now, and it may just be because of what is included in these newly revived advent calendars. Beauty, toy, and food and beverage companies are all weighing in and making the calendar work for them. Instead of your traditional 24 pieces of chocolate, the days are marked with different products like lipstick, blush, or foundation brushes from a beauty company, for example. This idea is an awesome way to get folks excited about a launch or a certain product. They also make great stocking stuffers for the anxious friend or family member that can’t possibly wait until Christmas day to open gifts. With the more modern advent calendar, you get a gift every day starting December 1. And if you are a little late to the game, think of it this way. You get open up each day you missed at once! 


Different advent calendars

You may have already seen a few advent calendars on the market now. Some of the best beauty advent calendars are from Ulta with their 12 Days of Beauty Calendar, NYX Love Lust Disco Greatest Hits Lip Advent Calendar, OPI’s Nail Lacquer Advent Calendar (24 colors), Target’s Beauty Box Calendar, and Kiehl’s Skincare Advent Calendar (with 24 of their best selling skincare products)! These are some of the hottest brands, and if you can get your hands on 12 or 24 of their hottest products in one single advent calendar, then you have just hit the jackpot. 

A couple of other advent calendars you can get for yourself or the people on your gift list are the 12 nights of wine from Vinebox for the wine lovers in your life. There is also the Vermont Christmas Company Nativity Fabric Advent Calendar for the family. Kids and parents can select a Velcro figure each day and complete the nativity scene the night before Christmas.

There are so many of these to choose from, from traditional to modern. You can also create your own advent calendar for yourself or someone else. Whatever you like, put it in the calendar! This also gives you the opportunity to be creative and show your loved ones that you listened to all of the things they said they liked and personalized the advent calendar to their preferences.

Advent Calendar 101 is now in effect! Make your own or get your hands on one of the cool advent calendar gift boxes out right now. There is something there for everyone, and if you can’t find the one you want, you can always make one!


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