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6 Fun and Romantic Holiday Date Ideas

6 Fun and Romantic Holiday Date Ideas

Romance your partner and get into the spirit of everything this season is about with these holiday date ideas.

Try these holiday date ideas this holiday season!

There’s something about the holiday season that makes us want to be in love (aside from our family members asking the usual million questions about our love lives at holiday get-togethers). The colder weather is perfect for cuddling up by the fire to watch movies, the beautiful lights and decorations serve to sprinkle "romance" over everything, and there’s so much to see and do with the one you love.

Here are 6 fun holiday date ideas to enjoy this season!


1. Ice Skating

Ice skating is the perfect date idea for the holiday season to really embrace and make that cold weather fun! Try to find an ice rink under the stars, but if that’s not possible, find an indoor ice rink! There are many indoor ice rinks that allow public skating - just don’t forget the hot chocolate!


2. Holiday Movie Marathon

If you’re not into braving the colder weather, a holiday movie marathon might be the perfect date idea for you! Create a list of your favorite holiday movies, and make sure you’re all stocked up with holiday treats to enjoy while you watch.


3. Holiday Cookie Baking

Trying something new with a partner is always fun and exciting. While neither of you may be professional bakers, cookies are pretty difficult to mess up and the reward is more than worth the effort!


4. See a Local Holiday Show, Ballet, or Play

Check your local theatre for their holiday line up. This is a great date idea because it’s something different you wouldn’t typically do at any other time of the year.


5. Drive Around and Look at Christmas Lights and Decor

The holiday season can be super expensive, and it might not be in the budget to endulge in extravagant dates. Thankfully, there are so many things to do during the holiday season that are virtually free: like driving around and looking at Christmas lights and decor around the neighborhood, and listening to holiday music in the car, together.


6. Volunteer

While the holidays are all about food, drinks, and family time, it’s also the perfect time for giving back to the community. An amazing date idea is to volunteer at a local toy drive or homeless shelter this holiday season!

Hopefully you and your SO enjoy these holiday date ideas!


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