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Use Your Makeup Journey To Become A Beauty Influencer

Use Your Makeup Journey To Become A Beauty Influencer

From beginner to professional, you can use your makeup journey to help inspire others! Here's why you should become a beauty influencer.

Utilize your makeup journey to become an influencer!

It’s that time of year again - the time to start making a list of your New Year’s resolutions and figuring out a plan to make those resolutions a reality. Most New Year’s resolutions revolve around doing things to better oneself, from goals like being more active, to quitting a bad habit, to learning a new skill.

What better time to up your makeup game and learn the application, tips, tricks, and techniques of stunning makeup? The best part is that, as you’re learning, you can document your makeup journey, share it online with others, and you may end up becoming a successful beauty influencer in the meantime.

Instagram or YouTube? While Instagram is a very popular platform for beauty influencers, the best place to showcase your journey is definitely YouTube. That’s where all of the mega-famous beauty gurus like Desi Perkins, Huda Kattan, James Charles, Manny Gutierrez, and Patrick Starrr (to name a few) got their start in the beauty industry. Since then, they've branched out and have become celebrity makeup artists, collaborated on collections with major beauty brands, or have created beauty brands themselves. They’ve also amassed millions of followers in the interim. 


Start with what you have. What you may not know, is that these incredibly successful beauty gurus and influencers all started out with less-than-ideal quality filming materials, a beginner-level talent, and zero people watching. That means: you can do it, too!

Consistency is key. Create YouTube and Instagram accounts, and start posting content. Film and photograph your beauty looks on a regular basis, and upload them for the world to see. Don’t be consumed with perfectionism; just stay focused on creating content consistently, and you’ll continue improving (and hopefully gaining followers, too!) 

Here are some YouTube stats:

  • 5 billion YouTube videos are watched daily.
  • 73% of US adults watch YouTube on a regular basis.
  • Women viewers are primarily watching beauty content.
  • The net advertising revenue of YouTube is almost $5 billion dollars as of 2017, and grows every year.
  • The highest paid YouTube influencers made a combined total of $127 million dollars in 2017, and the number of YouTubers that are earning 6 figure incomes grows 40% each year.

The money is there, and the viewers are definitely there. The only question is: when are you going to start? We think 2022 is the perfect time to take on your makeup journey!

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