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6 Tips For Better Posture Adjustments

6 Tips For Better Posture Adjustments

Better posture adjustments are easy to achieve, but it's an on-going pursuit to maintain.

Your back will thank you for these tips on posture adjustments!

Correct posture is so important, not only for the health of our bodies but also for our appearance. Good posture improves circulation and digestion, helps reduce pain in our head, neck, and back, and improves our core strength. It also helps us appear slimmer, taller, and more assertive and confident. 

If you’re reading this article while you’re hunched over your computer or stressing your neck staring down at your phone, then straighten up and keep reading for all our tips for better posture adjustments.


1. Protect your neck.

Staring at your phone all day is one of the worst things when it comes to posture. Bending your neck can create long-term damage to your spine. To improve your posture, lift your phone to your face rather than bending your neck to see your phone. This small change will have your posture improving in no time!


2. Sit up straight at your desk.

People with desk jobs are especially at risk of having bad posture because they’re typically sitting hunched over their keyboards. The best way to ensure proper posture is to always sit with your back against your chair and keep your feet on the floor, with your knees bent. This will ensure that you’re not damaging your spine and will encourage great posture!


3. Opt for flat shoes.

As high-heel lovers, writing this tip pains us. Wearing high heels creates a forward bend in the spine, from the elevated heels, which leads to poor posture and back pain. Opting for flat shoes will keep your spine balanced and aligned.


4. Sleep consciously.

Choosing a firm mattress will keep your spine aligned and healthy. It’s important to always consider spine alignment, and it’s especially important to do so when we’re sleeping because we spend so much time laying in bed! If you sleep on your back, choose a thin pillow that doesn’t elevate your neck too much. If you sleep on your side, use a higher pillow that will keep your head properly aligned with your spine, and sleep with your knees slightly bent.


5. Build core strength.

A strong core built through ab exercises will create muscles that will ultimately support your spine and prevent poor posture.


6. Use a posture correcting tool.

If you need a little extra help, use a posture correcting tool. A posture tool wraps around your shoulders and back to keep your spine aligned, and wearing it a few minutes every day will train your body to maintain perfect posture. Some posture tools are connected to an app that will let you know when your spine isn't aligned and remind you to adjust.

We hope these tips for posture adjustments help relieve some pressure off your back!


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