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5 Social Hobbies To Try In The New Year

5 Social Hobbies To Try In The New Year

It's time to get out of your shell and try something new! From the physical to the digital, there's something for everyone with these social hobbies.

Give these social hobbies a try next year!

The year 2020 is shaping up to be the year of "take care of yourself!" And that self-care can manifest differently for everyone. Some people are looking forward to a new job, some are hoping to meet new people, and some are searching to find out exactly who they are.

Whatever you may be looking forward to in the new year, the best way to go about it is to dip your toe into different things. Our favorite things tend to come from trying out new hobbies. Thinking about all of the things you love and narrowing them down can help you create more fun and adventure in your life, with the added bonus of helping you learn and grow as a person! 

If you haven’t thought about it yet, here are some good ideas to get you started in the new year. You may end up loving these or they may help you branch out into other ideas. The goal is to get you started. Here are the 5 social hobbies you have to try this year.

1. Start an Etsy shop or sell on Thredup.

Future entrepreneurs, this one is for you. If you already have a hobby centered on sellable products, you can curate an online store on Esty and sell your products. Or, if you are a fashionista who needs to do a quick closet flip, sign up for Thredup. This online consignment shop allows you to sell your unwanted clothes, as well as shop for new finds that fit perfectly into your new style or the new season.


2. Besties who brunch.

Schedule time to catch up with friends every weekend, or every other weekend. Put a little spin on this get-together. Theme each brunch with something different! Maybe have one be centered on your vision for the year, or another centered on things you all have in common and like to do together, like a morning hiking trip before brunch. You’ll deepen the bonds of you and your best friends, and learn a lot more about what your friends have planned for the year.


3. Try parkour.

If you are an adventurer at heart or a fan of American Ninja Warrior, then this may be the hobby for you. You’ll learn about the sport, get stronger without even noticing it, and conquer your mind. This cool hobby kills a few birds with one stone. If you want to get over heights, push yourself physically, and step out of the box, then this is the hobby for you! Just remember to be safe, and consult your doctor before starting any intense physical hobby. 


4. Take an improv class.

Improv class is a cool way to develop confidence and push you out of your comfort zone. These types of "spontaneity on the spot" classes can help you shed any shyness and step into another part of you. If you have ever wanted to see what it feels like to be on Saturday Night Live or try your hand at acting, then this class is for you. There is no pressure: the only rule is that you have to say “yes!” and work with what your partner, or partners, give you. 


5. Learn a new language.

This is a fun and exciting way to learn about a new culture that you have always been curious about. There are so many interesting things you can discover when you step outside of "the norm." Take things a step further by visiting a country that speaks the language you have decided to learn. Spending a few weeks in France, Spain, or Germany may even spark a new travel hobby you didn’t even know you wanted to explore. 

These fun social hobbies are a cool way to start the year and give you a jumping-off point for learning, growth, and fun!


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