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Get Your Summer Body Now 8 Winter Exercise Ideas

Get Your Summer Body Now! 8 Winter Exercise Ideas

Shake up your get fit for summer routine with these winter exercise ideas!

These winter exercise ideas will get you ready for the warm weather.

Summer bodies are made in the winter! Or, so goes the saying. While this is true for many, you may be getting a little tired of the same old workout and the same old diet. This winter, try something new that will keep you interested and make it more likely that you'll hit your fitness goals.

We’re counting down the best winter exercise ideas here - they may just be the thing to get you on the right path to your best body yet!


1. Infrared Yoga

You may have tried standard yoga or hot yoga but infrared yoga is where it’s at. This type of yoga uses infrared heat instead of forced air. The infrared heat not only relaxes you and detoxes the body, but it is also known to purify the body. The class takes place in 100-degree heat, and you can count on a bunch of different vinyasas to help calm you and push your fitness to the next level.

2. The Chair/Lap Dance Workout

Break out the high heels because this workout is for the adult and sexy! You can do this workout in the privacy of your own home with YouYube as your guide, or find an instructor near you. Not only do you tone your core but you also learn body awareness and how to control your body’s natural movement, all while becoming a dance sensation.


3. Mermaid Fitness Classes

Every little girl’s dream realized? You, too, can be Ariel every time you take this class. It combines swimming, core work, aerobics, and dance in its interval training system. It may seem like you can slack off simply because you’re in the water with a sparkly tail attached, but don’t be fooled. This workout will keep you moving the entire time!


4. Skateboard Pilates

Yep, pilates… on a skateboard. We would only recommend trying this if you are insured, have good balance, and are up for a core-challenging workout. Can you imagine how much core strength you need to pull this off? The trend originated in France, and is slowly becoming an exciting exercise for all the daredevils out there! 


5. Trampoline Classes

Sometimes you have the urge to just jump around with a bunch of fitness enthusiasts to the greatest hits of the 90s. No? Maybe you should try it! There is something freeing about losing all inhibitions and acting like a kid again. Trampoline classes allow you to do just that, minus the judgment.


6. Animal Flow

Animal flow is a form of yoga that pushes you toward a more intense workout. If you're the kind of person that can’t really stay still in poses and need something to challenge you beyond tree pose, this may be the class for you. It uses all the muscles of the body and enables your body to gain strength, flexibility, and mobility. Plus, this workout proves that you don’t need weights to get a ripped body! 


7. Twerk Classes

Who would’ve known that shaking your booty could lead to a tighter and fitter body? Well, clearly a lot of people did. This dance class teaches you how to twerk like a pro and get fit at the same time. If you've ever been just a little bit envious of the individuals that can make their booties bounce and stay on a beat, then this is the class for you. Now, before you judge it, just think about all of the core strength you need to protect your lower back! Let's just say... abs!


8. Kangoo Jumps

We've always been shoe lovers, but this shoe takes fitness to the next level. Kangoo jumps are a rebound shoe that takes your workouts to the next level. You can use this shoe instead of normal trainers to get a little more out of your workout. You can use them for running, fitness classes, rehabilitation, and athletic training, to name a few. The bounce in the shoe takes the harsh pressure exerted from the ground as you move around, so if you're in need of joint protection, give this a try.

This list of fun workouts definitely has what it takes to pull you out of your comfort zone and keep you interested. You can switch it up and try a few ideas listed here to find what works for you. The best thing about these kinds of winter exercise ideas is that you’ll have so much fun, you won’t have the desire to obsess over every little fitness goal. And trust us, peace of mind on your fitness journey is totally worth it!


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