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5 Fun Locales To Add To Your Travel Visit List

5 Fun Locales To Add To Your Travel Visit List

Next time you start planning a vacation, make sure you add these places to your visit list.

A visit list should consist of places you aspire to see at least once in life.

We all scroll through our Instagram feed and see these picturesque, exotic places that influencers travel to. Sometimes we sit there and daydream about visiting the unfamiliar regions. Then we keep scrolling and go about our day.

You may, one day, have the desire and means to travel. Here's a list of the 5 fun places to add to your "visit list."


1. Uluwatu Temple - Bali, Indonesia

Dating back to the 10th century, this temple sits 230 feet atop a cliff, overlooking the ocean. At the base of the temple, there’s a small forest with hundreds of Macaque monkeys who are said to be the devoted guardians of Uluwatu Temple.

Make sure to bring fruit with you because these sneaky little monkeys are notorious for snatching visitors’ property. Barter your stolen goods for the fruit. (Be forewarned that this will only encourage them to steal some more as this learned behavior is passed down from parent to offspring.)

Be sure to meet back at the cliffside at 6 pm for the Kecak, a traditional Balinese dance with the sunset as the backdrop.


2. Kerry, Ireland

Known for its dark, dry stout known as Guinness, a small band by the name of U2 (maybe you’ve heard of them), and a day of drinking called St. Patrick’s Day. Ireland has more to offer than getting pinched for not wearing green.

This Emerald Isle has some of the most striking views you’ll come across. If you’ve never considered traveling to Ireland you should definitely reconsider. A great place to visit is County Kerry, which boasts a population of about 147,707 as of 2016. Situated in the south-west region of the Emerald Isle, Kerry faces the Atlantic Ocean with its many peninsulas and inlets.

Skellig Michael, located off the western coast is a unique and rugged destination where the final scene of Star Wars: A Force Awakens was filmed! The island is also home to an ancient monastery; because it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, only 180 people are allowed to visit it per day.


3. Republic of Maldives, South Asia

White sandy beaches, warm clear water, and beautiful accommodations. The Maldives is a string of 26 atolls in the form of a few islands located near Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean.

The Maldives is a place to enjoy some serious R&R. You can stay in a plush resort or a guest house. Enjoy one of the many water sport activities, watch dolphins dancing in the ocean, parasail, do some island hopping and immerse yourself with the Maldivian locals and their cuisine.

The Maldives will leave a lasting impression on you and your traveling companions. It’s a place of immense beauty and somewhere you’ll likely want to visit again.


4. Cape Town, South Africa

If you’re the outdoorsy type who enjoys hikes and being active, Cape Town is all you. You can hike its well-known spots, Lion’s Head or Table Mountain, or walk along Boulders Beach where you can stroll amongst the African Jackass Penguins.

Cape Town offers many interesting and captivating activities that will make you want to reschedule your flight for a later date - you’ll want to savor and experience everything this destination has to offer!


5. Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

If you’re more of a city dweller and prefer to shop to your heart’s content then head over to Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea. Specifically to Myeongdong Shopping Street. Here you’ll find the latest K-beauty skincare brands, fashion, and delicious street food that Seoul has to offer.

Visit the 8-storied Daiso store, then head underground to check out the clothing shops in addition to the street-level shops. If you love junk food, hit up the Korean snack store and stock up on junk food to take back home.

After you’ve done your shopping at Myeongdong and you’re ready for some entertainment, check out Cookin’ Nanta. This non-verbal comedic musical is great for families or couples. The kitchen is their stage, the chefs are the main characters and the kitchen utensils are their instruments.

These five destinations are highly rated by all that have traveled there. You’re sure to be mesmerized and you'll appreciate all the memories you'll create at any one of these striking locations.

Are there any other places you'd recommend we add to this visit list?


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