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Get Your Oscars Makeup Look With These Easy Steps

Get Your Oscars Makeup Look With These Easy Steps

With the Oscars coming up on the horizon, learn to apply your makeup to Academy Awards perfection with these Oscars makeup tips!

These Oscars makeup tips will have you ready for the red carpet!

It’s almost Oscar time in Hollywood. Whether you live in the Los Angeles area or other parts of the world, the much-anticipated event will be watched on television by millions of people. The glitz, glamour, fashion, and makeup of the stars captures our interest as much as which actors and what movies will win an Academy Award.

The 92nd Annual Academy Awards will air on Sunday, February 9 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. If you aren’t in the entertainment industry, everyone is still a celebrity in their own life. A great way to feel the magic of the Academy Awards is by applying your Oscars makeup to academy award-worthy perfection.

How do you mimic the makeup of the stars, or better yet, come up with your signature cosmetic look?

A fabulous way is by hiring a professional stylist. Having a cosmetic makeover by an expert can bring out your face and features in new ways. MOBILESTYLES health and beauty PROs are available anytime, anywhere - they're more than happy to show up at the location of your choice for a marvelous pamper session. Yes, they travel to you!


Steps to an Academy Award Makeup Application

1. Invest in Great Tools

Having the proper application tools is as important as the makeup skills, themselves. High-quality brushes, in various sizes, make a big difference and prevent different makeup products from mixing. Separate brushes for foundation, powder, blending, etc. is key. Also, make sure you have makeup sponges and cotton balls handy to use as needed.

2. Mix Primer With Your Foundation

Rather than applying a primer coat underneath your foundation, mix the two for one application. This will prevent your foundation from caking or flaking.


3. Build a Beautiful Face

This is where great choices come in such as colors, what makeup you wish to wear, etc. Most cosmetic makeovers include eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil coloring, blush, and lipstick or lip gloss. It always looks majestic to match your makeup colors to your outfit. Also, false eyelashes draw out your eyes to magnificent proportions. Whether you select various shades or stick to a monochrome color, elegantly applied makeup looks lovely.

4. Translucent Face Powder

Once your makeup is applied, brush a light coat of translucent face powder over your face to seal in your foundation and add a healthy, bronze glow to your skin.

No matter if you’re attending the Academy Awards, hosting an Oscar party for family and friends, or watching the glamorous event alone on television, look and feel like the star that you are with a MOBILESTYLES magical Oscars makeup makeover.

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