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Wow With Incredibly Long Luscious False Eyelashes

Wow With Incredibly Long, Luscious False Eyelashes

Sometimes, the natural lash look just isn't cutting it. False eyelashes pop out strong, which is why so many of us love using them!

False eyelashes make a bold beauty statement.

Whether you’re batting your eyes of green, gold, brown or blue, there is no denying that false eyelashes look incredibly splendid on you!

Long eyelashes are considered a thing of beauty in many cultures. Of all facial features, our eyebrows and eyelashes most define the face. If you wear no other makeup, merely by applying heavy, thick mascara or false eyelashes, your face will pop and your features will stand out. When someone wears elegant, long, luscious false eyelashes, they are by far the first thing you notice when you look at their face. Pure elegance and beauty.


Long, gorgeous eyelashes go way back in history. Kohl, a black putty to darken and highlight eyelashes, has been worn as far back as the Bronze Age. In Ancient Egypt, Kohl was used by the wealthy and the royal to beautify their eyes.

Due to the love and glamorous look of false eyelashes, permanent eyelash tints and eyelash extensions have become popular cosmetic procedures. Some people even treat themselves to eyelash transplants in order to gain the effects of stunning long, thick lashes.

Natural eyelashes don’t grow beyond a certain length and fall out by themselves like the hair on your head. If you haven’t been blessed with exceptionally long eyelashes by nature, enhance your lashes with false eyelashes.


False lashes can be applied by yourself with fake eyelash kits available at salons and retail stores, or applied by a cosmetic professional. Pamper yourself to a cosmetic makeover by a MOBILESTYLES beauty PRO. Watch your makeup-free eyes become larger and more defined as a beauty PRO adds color and glam with eye shadow, eyeliner, and false eyelashes. 

Since false eyelashes are generally applied to your own eyelashes with a glue strip, they are actually quite easy to remove. Simply dab warm water across the false eyelashes to loosen the glue, and then gently remove by pulling on the strip, much like removing a bandaid. Be sure to go slow so that you don’t yank out your own lashes.

Sure, one purpose of our eyelashes is to protect the eyes from debris, dust and small particles. But like all practical things in life, beautifying the object brings it up a notch or two, and adds fun, glamour, and glitz into our lives. So go ahead and bat those false eyelashes.

Fashion, health, and beauty truly are the spice of life! Find out for yourself with a MOBILESTYLES makeover. To learn more, visit or download the app today!


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