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5 Menrsquos Fashion Instagrammers Every Guy Needs To Know

5 Men’s Fashion Instagrammers Every Guy Needs To Know

Some people choose to make fun of “influencers”, but many do provide us with trendy fashion ideas. Check out these men’s fashion Instagrammers.

Every guy needs to check out these men’s fashion instagrammers!

We hear a lot about female fashion influencers. They practically run the fashion channels. But more and more men are upping their fashion game, and it’s about time that the fashionable guys of social media get their shine! We're putting the spotlight on some of the most fashion-forward men’s fashion instagrammers that every guy should know. There's something for everyone; the young, the old, and the in-between. 


Luka Sabbat 

This young up-and-coming fashion icon gives us all of the fashion feels. Luka made himself known on the hit television show Grownish and he's also a model. We know, being a model gives you a license to be an Instagram it-guy. But there’s more to him than that. You can tell from his Instagram vibe. It’s almost consciously curated. It’s way more than a feed. His page is more like an art exhibit. He shows off his interesting and Vogue-like stills and gives the younger generation a solid fashion style to be inspired by! This is the style icon for you if you love the Lenny Kravitz- ish style with a little bit humble rocker vibe. (Instagram: @lukasabbat)


Johannes Huebl

It’s only natural that he's our next fashion it-guy on social media. He's in a relationship with the fabulous Olivia Palermo, one of the biggest female fashion influencers, and he oozes just as much style as she does. His New York vibe is contagious and his profile kind of makes you want to get up and buy a whole new wardrobe. He has the hottest coats and his laid-back, effortless style translates across his worldly adventures. Even when he's on an island, he brings a certain gentlemanly swag to his look. If you're looking for a little more of an effortless but well-put-together look, Johannes is your go-to inspiration. (Instagram: @johanneshuebl)


Phil Cohen

Talk about a straight to the point, curated Instagram page. Phil has turned his Instagram profile into a cool fashion look book. This creative approach to fashion influencing couldn’t be more of a boon to the fashion-challenged. This is the best profile to follow if you want a style influencer that simply lays it out there. From clothing, down to the shoes and accessories, Phil's outfits are effortless and functional. This is also probably the best page for tips on traveling in style! (Instagram: @thepacman82)


Justin Livingston (or Justin Liv)

Justin Livingston, or Justin Liv as his Instagram page suggests, is cool and creative. He doesn’t take the same picture twice, which is a fresh take on fashion, but he does deliver! He's unapologetically himself, authentic, and his fashion completely embodies that notion. Justin is an awesome style role model for young, or young-at-heart, guys who want to transform everyday wear into something simple and stylish at the same time. (Instagram: @justinliv)


Fabio Attanasio

Founder of “The Bespoke Dudes,” Fabio Attanasio is for the "Classic" man. His timeless looks are inspiring and reminiscent of something out of an old James Bond movie, but with a modern twist. In simpler terms, his feed shines with old Hollywood star glam for the modern man. Every guy looking to transform their style into something memorable, and jump outside of the proverbial box, needs to keep an eye out for this fashion influencer! (Instagram: @fabioattanasio)

These 5 men’s fashion instaggrammers are a good jumping-off point for men who are just finding their footing in fashion, and also for the well-established, self-proclaimed fashionistos!


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