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Classic Fashion Investment Pieces Every Man Needs in Their Wardrobe

Classic Fashion Investment Pieces Every Man Needs in Their Wardrobe

We all have some clothes that go with ANYTHING — here are some fashion investment pieces that you need to include in your search the next time you shop!

These fashion investment pieces should be a staple for any outfit!

When it comes to fashion, there are a few things every man should know and a few things every man should have in his closet. As a "classic man," your wardrobe should be full of personality and style. You should have a few specific things in your closet at all times — classic pieces that never go out of style. Here's our list of essential fashion investment pieces every guy could use in their wardrobe. 


Trench coat

You can’t go wrong with a good trench coat. It's the perfect ending to a sophisticated fashion story. You can wear a trench coat for any occasion, whether you are dressing up or completely dressed for comfort. Trench coats also come in different colors and for that reason, we're advocates for having at least two in your wardrobe: the "classic tan" and one with a little color, in say, blue or dark green. If you are new to “trench” territory, we highly recommend pairing this coat with a pair of jeans, Converses, and a cool top for a dressed-down look.


A good watch (or two)

A timepiece will always stand the test of time (pun intended). Watches are classic in any style and hardly just for telling time anymore. They are a fashion statement in their own right. All men should have at least one watch in their wardrobe and know the importance of owning a few different options. You'll never be unprepared for a date, company soirée, or a simple trip to the grocery store. The timepiece emphasizes your style… even when you are standing in line at a Trader Joe’s checkout.


Well-tailored suit 

A suit will take you a long way in life. A well-tailored suit will take you to places you've never even dreamed of. It’s hard to believe that a suit could do that for you - but we emphasize the word “well-tailored." This kind of power suit is the thing that gets you booked for an interview, gives you a ton of confidence in the boardroom, and makes you stand out among the crowd at any black-tie event. 


A perfect pair of jeans 

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. If you don’t have a good pair of jeans, it's almost like you don’t have a complete wardrobe. They need to hug your body in all the right places. They need to be fitted but not too tight. And they also need to have a little character to them. The best thing to do in this case is to spend a little time trying on a few pairs at your favorite store and ask a shop assistant to help you find the perfect pair of jeans - tailored just for you.



Converse brand shoes are quite possibly the most relaxed pair of shoes you could possibly own. They bring a touch of “chill” to any outfit. The best thing about them is that the older they get, the cooler they look, and the more comfortable they feel. You should have at least a couple of selections in your closet for any look you may be considering. May we suggest a white low top pair and a black high top pair for starters?

These are the few fashion investment pieces that make up a classic wardrobe for men. No matter what, if you are a fashionable guy, you basically need to have these essentials in your wardrobe. The bonus is that you can dress them up or down to create the mood you are going for, and wear them for a variety of occasions so you know you'll be getting a lot of value out of them. 


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