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9 of the Best Fitness Gift Boxes for 2022

9 of the Best Fitness Gift Boxes for 2022

There's a subscription box for almost anything — why not exercise? Here's a list of this year's best fitness gift boxes.

These fitness gift boxes are great for the fitness junkie in your life!

Getting started on a workout routine can be intimidating. You need to figure out your goals, schedule time to work out, eat better, plan your meals, get more sleep, and have the right gear to actually start working out.

Here are the best fitness gift boxes to get you started and keep you motivated to stay on track while adjusting to your new lifestyle.

1. Muscle Box

Created by two chaps, one from the US and the other from Australia, who wanted more from fitness subscription boxes than just "boring" bodybuilding supplement samples. So, in 2014, Muscle Box was born.

This subscription box has everything from apparel, equipment, healthy snacks, workouts, and more. The subscription box is $22.99 (plus postage), but you get more than what you pay. The box's value can range from $60 to more.

Don't worry, ladies, Muscle Box also makes a box for you too: Miss Muscle Box. You get all this awesome gear specifically made for you.

Not looking to get apparel or equipment? Worry not; they also have a Protein Box! What haven't they thought of? This box specifically focuses on getting you the best high protein snacks from the best brands out there so you can try all the different options out there that you love or have never heard of.

2. GQs Best Stuff Box

Each quarter you get a box filled with GQs favorite products. The box can include electronics, grooming products, apparel, and accessories. The box doesn't explicitly focus on fitness, but more on lifestyle products that will have some fitness gear included.

It's a great box for those gents that already have a lot of fitness gear and are looking to expand their horizons on other products that they could use in their everyday life. The box will cost you 50 buckaroos, or you can save yourself some coin and pay $190 for the full year.


3. Fab Fit Fun

This 10-year-old seasonal subscription box is still going strong. ?step=getbox�=fffvipFab Fit Fun boxes are filled with more than just fitness gear, as you'll get to try full-size products in addition to other goodies.

This box is customizable, and you get the option to pick some of the products for your next box. You can pay for the seasonal box at $49.99 or pay the yearly subscription in advance for $179.99. The choice is yours.


4. Gainz Box

This Veteran-owned, functional fitness gear subscription box is excellent for those that are just starting and love receiving sample size products, in addition to some apparel and fitness gear, and haven't decided on what full-size products to invest in. You get the option of choosing from four plans that range from paying monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually.

Be warned; if you're a woman and you're not into short shorts, this Gainz Box might be off-putting. You could also choose to flip from female to male gender-focused boxes so you'll receive the male version apparel instead.


5. Yoga Club

Maybe you're not into supplements or doing strenuous physical activity. Perhaps you prefer doing yoga and don't need all of the extras that come in most subscription boxes. Yoga Club subscription box is for you.

You get a full outfit, a pair of leggings, a top, and a sports bra, all for $79 a month. You save between $60-$80!


6. HIIT Box

This subscription box is excellent for those that want to work out predominately at home. With gear that's customizable to your level of fitness and lifestyle. HIIT subscription boxes are relatively new on the market, but they give away some fantastic prizes to random subscribers.


7. Wantable

Wantable is a subscription box that gives you options to choose from; women's activewear, lifestyle, and men's activewear clothing so you can try on in the comfort of your own home. You get seven pieces to check out, and you can return what you don't like.

You get to set the budget for your items that the stylists need to stay within. Typically items range from $30-$70, and you only pay for what you keep.


8. Barbella Box

Made specifically for women who live and breathe the fitness lifestyle, the Barbella Box lets you try up and coming brands that get lost in the shuffle of more prominent brands. You'll get an assortment of functional fitness apparel, gear, healthy snacks, supplements, and workout tips. They'll also sprinkle in some well-known and loved brands.


9. Fit Snack

If you're stocked on apparel and fitness gear, then head over to Fit Snack's subscription box because you can never get enough healthy snack options. Each snack is hand-selected and nutritionist-approved.

You'll also receive two or more of these health essentials:

  • GMO-free
  • High protein
  • Low in sugar
  • Gluten-free
  • Organic
  • Raw
  • Vegan
  • All-natural

We all live busy lives, and it's not easy to pack snacks every single day (more power to you if you can do it). Instead of hitting the vending machine, or the snack aisle at your local grocery store where you're more than likely to choose a snack that's less than healthy, this may be a better option. You can try different snacks, plus if you have kids, these are great alternatives to give them instead of your run of the mill potato chip.

Most, if not all, of these subscription services, have the option to pause or cancel, so you don't feel obligated to continue if you don't like the box.

These boxes will be a friendly reminder and fun motivation to keep you going on your fitness journey. Remember, there's no final destination when you start this lifestyle. It's a forever kinda thing that will make you feel better mentally and physically.

Will you be checking out any of these subscription boxes? Have you already tried any of the ones that were mentioned? Are there any other fitness gift boxes that we missed?


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