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Fun and Sustainable Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Fun and Sustainable Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Happy 50th Earth Day! We should be celebrating Earth Day every day, and thanking Mother Nature for all of the beautiful things we get to see.

We should be celebrating Earth Day every day if we want to keep our planet safe!

Earth Day is April 22nd and the perfect time to appreciate the nature around us whether it is the ocean, a beautiful tree, flowers, or the birds in the sky. Even though times may be challenging right now, our planet still offers many gifts, from rainbows to the beauty of your favorite national park. Here are some ways you can celebrate Earth Day every day if you are currently stuck at home.


Support a Sustainable Brand

There are many amazing brands out there that offer eco-friendly products and also donate to great charities. For instance, LASHFOOD helps plant trees through Tree People and Aether Beauty provides clean water through The Water Project to help give back to Mother Earth. Some brands that are committed to providing eco-friendly products while also giving back to great non-profits include Everlane, UncommonGoods, Honest Company, and TOMS.

Volunteer with an Eco-Charity

A fun way to get involved in the community while also making a difference is to volunteer with a charity that helps care for the Earth. From Surfrider Foundation, a community organization that cleans up the beaches to One Tree Planted, an organization that focuses on global reforestation, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. You can look online for local green nonprofits in your community. Even if you can’t get involved right now in person, there may be ways to help volunteer online or find out about future events.


Plant Something Small

Enjoy the wonders of nature by planting some seeds and caring for them. You can also visit your local nursery to pick up some plants for your own backyard, community garden, or for your apartment. Herbs like basil make great apartment plants that smell good and are easy to care for and cook with. You can even find them at Trader Joe’s. If you are unable to plant right now, you can read up on different plants that might be good for your local environment and plan to plant them soon.


Visit a National Park and Volunteer There (Or Enjoy Photos if You Can’t Visit)

What could be a better way to celebrate the Earth than visiting and volunteering in a beautiful National Park like Joshua Tree, Yosemite, or Yellowstone? If you can’t visit a park currently, admire beautiful pictures of it online and read up about some of the interesting plants and animals that live there. It can be incredibly relaxing to look at beautiful pictures of nature and give you the inspiration to plan a future Earth celebration getaway.

Remember to try and celebrate Earth Day every day! And don’t forget to reduce, reuse, and recycle!


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