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The Most Noteworthy Virtual Photoshoots From Quarantine

The Most Noteworthy Virtual Photoshoots From Quarantine

Throughout quarantine, some of us started going a bit stir crazy. Some of us decided to use that energy to create our own virtual photoshoots.

A new way to create content is here: the virtual photoshoot.

Quarantine has forced creators within the fashion industry to really hone in on their creative skills to create beautiful content from home without all of the usual glitz and glamour and everything that usually comes with a professional photoshoot for a magazine or campaign. Models and photographers have to go without professional hair, makeup, styling, lighting, cameras, and proper production. But you know what they say… fashion never sleeps! Here are some of our favorite virtual photoshoots.

Magazines like Vogue, i-D, and Bustle and brands such as Jacquemus have already begun shooting spreads and campaigns via FaceTime using some of the biggest names in the fashion and entertainment industry. Bella Hadid recently did a shoot for Vogue Italia and a campaign for Jacquemus all from the comfort of her own surroundings via Facetime. Bustle has shot JoJo and Shailene Woodley via FaceTime. i-D magazine recently shot a story called Safe + Sound that included at-home FaceTime shoots with 18 different models including Gigi Hadid.


While magazines and fashion brands have been doing their best to shoot content from home, so have content creators on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and just about every other social media platform. It’s easy to use extravagant trips, delicious meals, and beautiful locations to make your content like-worthy, but there’s something about stripping down to the basics and relying on creativity to make pictures pop that really seems to be connecting with people right now.

In a time where there are so many big life-changing predicaments to worry about, the last thing people care about is a dreamy picture of the $30 cocktail you had while out at the bar last night. People want real, and they want relatable. We need to consume content that makes us feel like we’re all the same, and we’re all in this together.

While there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight when it comes to COVID-19 quarantine and restrictions — certainly not on larger gatherings like photoshoots — there’s no doubt that more brands, magazines, photographers, and content creators will jump on board for virtual photoshoots. The good news for us is that we’ll have more beautiful content to consume while we’re all safe at home!


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