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South Korean Spring Fashion Trends for 2022

South Korean Spring Fashion Trends for 2022

South Korea: they're not just known for their amazing K-pop groups, but some of their amazing Korean spring fashion, too! Check out these trends.

Korean spring fashion is so cute! Here are some of the current trends.

South Korea has been dominating the world with its iconic K-pop music, creating fans all over the globe. One of the biggest appeals of these groups is usually their sense of fashion. The singers create a story and a brand with what they wear, and it can easily make or break a group. This influence has trickled into the real world, creating some amazing trends for this year’s Korean spring fashion that you won’t want to miss out on. South Korea may be known for their music, but their fashion trends are going to slay this season.



Obviously athleisure has been a thing in the United States for a while, but not really the way South Korea is doing it. Instead of rocking the tighter pants and cropped sweaters you so often see in Western culture, South Koreans focus on more oversized wear while adding a hint of chicness to their looks by keeping it simple.



Ruffles are back in full force in South Korea and we should definitely bring this to the States. Adding a ruffle detail to your outfit creates a romantic, feminine look to your overall look. Most times, these ruffles are found on blouses and paired with a skirt. The extra volume and texture from the ruffles jazz up the plain skirt, creating a perfect feminine outfit.


Blush Tones

Starting in 2019 and forcing their way into 2020 are blush tones. Everyone is trying to achieve the “soft aesthetic” by adding more blush tones to their wardrobe. These colors give a sweet and feminine vibe. Some people have even added a bit of "prep" to it by opting for plaid skirts and simple cardigans. The whole look is very minimal, usually with a cohesive palette of blush pink or purple and whites.


Oversized Tops

As mentioned with the athleisure look, oversized tops, in general, are a big hit in South Korea. The oversized look gives off the illusion of a smaller frame, which is often desired in most Asian countries. This look also balances cozy and chic by adding sharp pieces with it, like a statement dress pant or combat boots. Some girls will even wear very oversized tops as dresses and pair that with thigh-high boots, and a matching purse. Bonus points if everything is in blush tones.


Large Sunglasses

We’re bringing back 2008 in South Korea, thanks to oversized sunglasses. This look always seems to come back into fashion because it’s a timeless way to look chic and put together. The larger the glasses the better in this case. Aviator styles are also a go-to pick, but you should definitely try to experiment with different sizes and colors.

South Korean fashion strives on being eclectic and interesting while continuing to be as chic as always. These aren't fashion trends we’re unfamiliar with, but if you want to rock what your next K-pop idol is probably going to be wearing when they’re not doing concerts, these are the Korean spring fashion styles that will get you there.


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