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National Bike Month Indoor vs Outdoor Biking

National Bike Month: Indoor vs. Outdoor Biking

Whether cycling indoors or through your neighborhood, it's time to get your bike on for National Bike Month!

It’s National Bike Month, so whip out your bike for a nice ride!


May is National Bike Month, and as far as exercise goes, biking may just be the new athleisure craze. Our parents and even our grandparents have probably had the pleasure of riding for fun and for fitness. As they say, every good trend comes back in style. This month is as good as any to give it a try if you've been curious about this pastime.

The question then becomes how are you going to spend National Bike Month this year? Starting out with an at-home bike from a cycle house like SoulCycle may be the way to go if you are unsure about what fitness cycling has to offer. (And of course, there's the infamous Peloton brand, among other indoor-cycling brands offering the same services.) Or, if you want to bike without the pressure, stick to biking around the neighborhood. This way you get a feel for how far you can take your bike adventures. 


Biking in the Great Outdoors

During this time it is important to enjoy the little things in life. And we're not just talking about the Vermont store, The Great Outdoors - though they do have a handy breakdown of all the different kinds of bikes you can ride. 

We don’t know about you but we never thought we'd miss the basic freedoms in life, like going to the beach, or to any building for that matter. It’s important to hold on to anything that helps our mental health and many are using this time to go outdoors for a jog or walk or bike ride. Whether you hit a trail or stay local, we suggest you celebrate this month with those closest to you. A few ways you can do that is to set up a biking challenge, free ride the trails near your home, or take the leisurely route with a quick jaunt around the neighborhood. 

A fun way to celebrate National Bike month and get others involved - whether near or far - is to have a bike challenge. Set a challenge for who bikes outside the most miles in a month, most hours in a month, or most trails in a month. You get the idea. There is no limit to how creative you can get here. For the fun of it, up the stakes and add a prize at the end of the month. A gift card or a new bike - the sky’s the limit. 


Indoor Cycling

Now in the spirit of fitness, we'd be doing you a disservice if we didn’t mention making May a month of bike workouts. You can build your own indoor bike, get one delivered, or opt for a service like Peloton.

The Peloton bike was created and placed on the market some time ago, but this bike is gaining popularity day by day (even with that advertising hiccup!). It's the ultimate experience for a biking fanatic who would rather have a trainer and/or stay indoors. One of the highlights of this exercise system is the fact that it comes with a coach and a ton of different settings to accommodate even the pickiest rider. Yes, it's a little pricey but they do offer payment plans.

On the other hand, you can use what you already have. Dust off that old bike in your garage and with a few modifications, you can turn that bike into an indoor cycling machine! With the help of a stationary bike stand, you can bring your bike indoors and save a lot of money in the process. Amazon, of course, has a few stationary bike stands to choose from. There are even some that have resistance capabilities. Or you can skip the extra work, and just order a ready-made stationary bike.

Whichever route you choose, you’ll find that you can easily make cycling a fun activity for you and your family. Make things interesting by adding a challenge with a prize at the end of the month. National Bike Month is a chance for you to get healthier and bond with your loved ones!


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