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10 Funny Fatherrsquos Day Cards Your Dad Will Love

10 Funny Father’s Day Cards Your Dad Will Love

Dads are known to be humorous (even if they love dad jokes too much), so we've found 10 funny Father's Day cards dad would love.

Make your dad smile with one of these funny Father’s Day cards!

June is a big month for all the dads out there — Father’s Day. Our dads have a funny way of being embarrassing yet loving at the same time with their funny stories, lessons, and dad jokes. Keep your dad laughing this Father’s Day by getting him a funny card.


We searched through Etsy and Hallmark to bring you these 10 funny Father’s Day cards that dads will love.

1. For Dad’s 1st Father’s Day

A dad’s first Father’s Day is a big celebration especially since newborns are a lot of work. This Etsy Father’s Day card perfectly describes what it's like taking care of a baby.


2. The Kids Always Have Dad’s Back

We love our dads, and some of us aren’t afraid to show it - even if it involves knocking things out of other people’s hands and yelling. This Hallmark Father’s Day card sums up exactly how we feel.


3. A Nod to Dad Fashion

We can never forget dad’s fashion. This Etsy card will always remind us who started the chunky tennis shoe trend. Thanks, dad, for influencing our fashion tastes.


4. For the Sports Loving Fathers

Most dads love sports, and this is a fact. Some even like to tell stories of their younger years where they played every sport imaginable. This Hallmark card lets them reminisce and allows them to relate to how they are now.


5. We Give Dad High Ratings

We live in a time where 5-star ratings are a must whenever you go anywhere. And the one thing that many dads are known for is reviewing every place they go to. This Father’s Day, give your pop his own rating with this Etsy card.


6. Because You Know Your Husband the Most

You love your husband, but you know that he wouldn’t survive very well without you. This Hallmark card is endearing, funny, and truthful all at the same time.


7. Honor Yourself and Dad at the Same Time

Sometimes in life, we have to remind our dads that without us, they wouldn’t be dads. This Etsy card sums that up perfectly.


8. Bears + Pizza + Space = Best Father’s Day Card

Let’s be honest, all our dads can be pretty weird most of the time. Between the dad jokes and interesting sense of style, we aren’t 100% sure what our dads will throw at us next. Surprise your dad this year with this funny yet unique Hallmark card.


9. To Keep Father’s Day Fun During Quarantine

Even though you might not be able to spend Father’s Day with your dad doesn’t mean you can’t send him this funny Etsy card to make his day during social distancing.


10. We Can’t Forget About Dad Jokes

Dad’s are known for their dad jokes, so you can’t miss out on this classic dad joke that also involves dad’s favorite food: queso. You can find this card at Hallmark.


With one of these funny father’s day cards in hand, there’s no doubt your dad will chuckle while reading it.


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