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5 Contrast Shower Benefits

5 Contrast Shower Benefits

Most of us are used to taking long, hot showers, but we have 5 contrast shower benefits you need to check out!

Contrast shower benefits are something most people are missing out on.

Especially after a long day. However it turns out, the cold might be something you want to go for after all. Although a hot shower might feel nice at the moment, taking a cold shower can work some wonders for your health. Who doesn’t want to boost up their health, especially during this time.

It might feel like an adjustment, but if you’re looking to boost your energy or you’re dealing with some skin issues, a cold shower could help you. Here are 5 contrast shower benefits that may make you reconsider your steamy ones.


Improves your blood flow and energy

Who needs a cup of black coffee in the morning when you can take a cold shower instead? According to certain studies and dermatologist, cooler showers oxygenate the skin, body, and cells and ultimately activate the lungs quickly and efficiently to spring into action, helping to circulate blood and oxygen through the system. The cold water against your skin can help give you an extra boost and wake up your tired mind. 


Helps with dry skin

Heat irritates skin, and that includes warmer water. If you have dry skin, this can be particularly helpful, as cold water helps the hair and skin maintain moisture. A coldish shower can also help to calm skin conditions or alleviate itchy skin.


Aids muscle recovery

Because cold water improves blood flow, cold showers can help soothe the muscles and joints and help reduce inflammation. By improving blood flow you also help oxygen get to your muscles faster, thus helping with recovery. 

Helps improve your immune system

We all want to stay as healthy as possible right now and a cold shower could help you! Cold showers give your cellular metabolism a boost and help give your immune system an extra boost.


Can help your mood

Taking a contrast shower in the morning can help start your day on the right note: It can help reduce cortisol levels, boost serotonin, and induce relaxation. Exposure to cold activates the sympathetic nervous system, as well as boosts endorphins and adrenaline, which can all lead to an overall positive response in the mood.

What did you think of our contrast shower benefits? Are you willing to give it a try? Let us know!


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