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The Power of Voting Reasons to Vote

The Power of Voting: Reasons to Vote

Voting is a right and privilege of the U.S. democracy. Here are some reasons to vote you should know about.

Looking for reasons to vote? Look no further!

Voting in America has been a long-standing tradition since 1776, although we've come a long way from the rights and amendments that have passed since then. Voting is part of our democracy, and it's a right and privilege of every citizen in the United States

There was a time in history where women and POC were not allowed to vote. We're far from that now, but the voting system isn't perfect. There are still tons of reasons to vote. You can have your voice heard by electing the officials you think are best suited to run our country, based on the policies and changes they're proposing.


Once you turn 18, you're able to register to vote for the coming election. The United States is a representative democracy where the citizens elect those that will make up our government. 

In 2018 there was a surge in voters registering and voting. Gen Z, Millenials, and Gen X (ages 18-53) were the three main groups that showed out, casting 62.2 million votes, out voting Baby Boomers and older generations who cast 60.1 million votes.

Issues that matter

woman holding Save Our Future signage photo

One of the main reasons people register to vote is because they see that their communities lack the resources, funding, proper leadership, or programs that need to be addressed. If you don't vote, you're essentially letting others decide who wins and what issues matter.

Political candidates

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Political candidates or nominees are chosen by a political party to represent them based on the issues they're for or against. If you have an opinion on the issues that these nominees are campaigning for and of voting age, then voting is a must. 

When you and your peers register to vote in numbers, you're sending a message that new policies and attention need to be given to you and your communities.

There are 2 major political parties in the United States, but there are several others that you can look into. Find a party that you align with and see if they hold the same values and concerns for the issues that matter to you. 

Power in numbers

person holding a register early to vote sign photo

When you're passionate about change and want to see action taken, the first step is registering to vote. Involve yourself in community activism, talk to your friends, and family and tell them that it's essential to register and vote if they haven't done so yet. 

More and more people are seeing the importance of voting based on how the country is currently operating. It’s a common misconception that your one vote doesn't matter, but it does, because you matter. There are tons of reasons to vote — make your voice heard and make a difference. 

If you don't know how to register, you google register to vote and the county you live in. Download the registration form and mail it in or call the county office and have them mail out the voter registration form to you, fill it out and send it back, it's that easy.

There is power in voting. Register today.


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