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7 Beach Skincare Essentials to Keep in Your Bag

7 Beach Skincare Essentials to Keep in Your Bag

Heading to the shore? Ensure you don’t get caught on the hop with this handy guide of what beach skincare products to pack.

During the summertime, having proper beach skincare is a must.



We don’t know who still needs to hear this but: please, please, please wear sunscreen. Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is absolutely pivotal to limit the risks of skin cancer and prevent against an aged, damaged complexion. You absolutely need to have proper beach skincare!

While SPF should be a nonnegotiable every day, we tend to burn more at the beach due to toweling, swimming and sweating, so remember reapplying is the name of the game. The rule of thumb is that you should top up your sunscreen every 80 minutes (yes, even the ‘water resistant’ formulas!) Enlist a friend to make sure you’re hitting the hard-to-reach spots too.


Deodorising wipes

Newsflash: your pits still do their thing at the beach. Rather than lugging aerosols around, opt for a discreet and refreshing wipe for when you need to stop any pesky body odor in its tracks.


Waterproof mascara

Oftentimes, a beach excursion leads directly to one place: the nearest boardwalk bar. One quick way to transition to ‘happy hour ready’ is to add a few swipes of lash-boosting mascara. Opt for a smudge proof, long lasting formula to avoid getting dreaded panda eyes behind your sunnies.


Hair protectant

Your locks definitely take a lot of bashing whilst at the beach. Pack a product specifically for the purpose, like a salt/surf spray or a leave-in heat protectant. Oh and while we have you, remember to apply some form of SPF to your scalp too. Several innovative brands actually offer summer hair care options that come with built in UV filters to avoid faded, frazzled hair.

On that note, also remember to pack a hair brush in your bag to avoid any Tarzan scenarios.


Silk hair ties

Speaking of wear and tear, using a traditional hair tie on wet, tangled strands usually means bad news. Limit breakage by wrapping damp hair up with a cute silk scrunchie or scarf which will be far more gentle.



Along with your scalp, your pout is another often overlooked body part that is rife for being sun damaged. As the skin on your lips is super thin, it is extra susceptible to getting sizzled. As sun exposure destroys collagen, it can also make your lips thinner over time: the antithesis of what women want! Protect your pucker with a lip balm that boasts SPF 15 or higher.


Face mist

Treat your visage to a refreshing spritz by bringing along a cooling, calming facial mist. Not only will it revitalize your complexion, but a product that has gentle ingredients will restore moisture and help remove dirt build-up from during the day. This is one of our favorite beach skincare products to have on deck!


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