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Try these Sustainable Clothing Brands

Try these Sustainable Clothing Brands

MobileStyles wants to inform you of some AWESOME clothing brands that you should be shopping at that are fully sustainable.

I hate to start off this post with a negative fact, but it’s important that you know. The fashion industry is one of the highest polluting industries in the world. Between water waste, toxic chemicals, and the one-stop fast fashion stores, we are harming our planet terribly just by purchasing a shirt at a lower price. I know, it’s tough to hear that your clothes that cost less do terrible damage to our environment, but it’s also important that we become conscious of how our actions harm the earth we live in.


However, while there is so much I could go on and on about being more educated and taking action to help solve global warming, that's not what I'm going for. Instead, I am here to inform you of some AWESOME clothing brands that you should be shopping at that are fully sustainable. This means clothes that are doing MUCH less harm to the Earth than the shirt you’re buying at H&M in terms of reducing water waste, reusing fabrics (in some cases), and removing all toxic dyes that aren’t just bad for the environment but are also bad for our skin. Keep in mind that some sustainable clothing brands are more expensive because you're paying for top-quality garment. At the same time, you are also paying for the quality of the lives of those who are making your clothes, the reduction in damage done by these clothes, and where the items are made. So overall, I say it’s worth that extra pretty penny.  



Image by Charles Etoroma with Unsplash


Starting with the comfy clothes, MATE The Label is a Los Angeles-based brand that does everything from designing garments to production in Downtown LA. This company sells garments such as basic tees, graphic tees, t-shirt dresses, sweatpants, sweatshirts, that all relate to California. Their clothes are made with organic cotton and I can personally say are extremely comfortable. In fact, one of my favorite sweatshirts I own is from this company and it has lasted me years! MATE’s prices range around $60-$100, and while that may seem like a lot for a comfy pair of clothes, I promise it’s worth it for all the good you’ll be doing!


Image by Andrej Lisakov with Unsplash


Next is a personal favorite of mine, and it just so happens their clothes are sustainable too! Reformation sells absolutely adorable clothes. With everything from beautiful gowns and easy day dresses, to fashionable tanks and tees, and even their own denim line, they are absolutely killing it in the fashion world. The company uses all sorts of sustainable practices in the creation of their garments such as renewable plant material, deadstock fabrics, and vintage clothing, you can read all about it here if you’re as interested as I am. Overall, this company has adorable clothes that are beyond versatile, and actually last, unlike those other tanks that get holes in them the minute you throw them in the dryer.


Image by Clem Onojeghuo with Unsplash


Lastly, the company that appeals to all, Everlane. Everlane sells all sorts of clothes from men’s underwear and polos to women’s shoes and accessories, and everything in between. The company prides itself on its ability to source quality materials and seek out factories with the most ethical working conditions. One thing I absolutely love about this company is the fact that they inform the customer of how much it took to make the garment. I love this part of Everlane because one of the biggest issues of fast fashion, or the fashion industry in general, is the fact that they sell clothes for so cheap, that there is just no possible way the workers at the bottom of the chain are getting the money they need to survive. Everlanes clothes are cute, comfy, versatile, and make sense in just about every wardrobe, so why wouldn’t you pop on over to their site and just simply give it a quick glance?


Image by Pipe A with Unsplash


The last thing I am going to say about the fashion industry and the damage it does to our environment is to stay educated and help spread the knowledge. Not everyone knows the damage fast fashion does to the people in the supply chain to the environment, so go read up, and then send an article to a friend, and get the word out!


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