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This Years Favorite Summer Smells

This Year's Favorite Summer Smells

Every season has some iconic scents that most fragrances will try to create. Here are some of our favorite summer smells!

These summer smells are always a pleasure to have in your collection.

The long days, warm weather, beaches, pools, barbecues, parties, outdoor brunches and more make for a joyous atmosphere. Add vacations into the mix and summer can truly be magical.

There are certain summer smells both men and women associate with the season, such as steaks cooking on the grill, a salty beach breeze, and bloomed flowers. We also notice the aromas of our perfumes and colognes. Summer calls for scents that are airy, light, romantic, and fresh. The heavier, dark days of winter are behind us, and we celebrate this by changing our fragrances.


Fragrances Perfect for Summer

  • Beautiful Belle by Estee Lauder: This glorious perfume still holds the gorgeous aroma of Beautiful, with an airer, more youthful smell.  Think romantic, young love.

  • Eternity Summer by Calvin Klein: This warm scent mixes floral, citrus and musk, creating a perfect perfume for warm, balmy days and nights. You’ll truly want summer to last for an eternity.

  • Si by Giorgio Armani: Armani products never disappoint. Si emits a feminine, light, breezy smell of flowers and fruit that works perfectly with an outdoor brunch and a bottle of fine wine.

  • Happy by Clinique: This splendid smelling perfume mimics the scent of roses, orchids, plums and apples. Delightful and delicious.

  • Light Blue Eau Intense for Men by Dolce & Gabbana: It’s no secret that men who wear cologne smell fabulous! This summer cologne conjures up images of romantic, carefree times. A small application stays fresh and long-lasting throughout the day.

Perfumes and colognes bring out our femininity and masculinity. Great smells and pheromones are pleasing to our senses, and can stir up memories with merely a whiff. Fragrances can be worn to match your clothing: from bathing suits to shorts and sundresses; suits to casual jeans.


Much like clothes and handbags can match your personal style, summer smell fragrances can be worn to share your personality and uniqueness with the world.

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