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Bacteria Begone The Importance of Makeup Tools Cleaning

Bacteria Begone: The Importance of Makeup Tools Cleaning

We love makeup, but we hate the maintenance that comes with it. Keep reading to learn about the importance of makeup tools cleaning.

Makeup tools cleaning is a vital part of maintaining your products.

Using a new makeup tool feels amazing against your skin and creates the best application. But, have you noticed over time that your tools start to trap dirt and grime, leading to patchy makeup? If you have, then that can only mean one thing — you need to clean your cosmetic tools ASAP. To help you better understand the importance of makeup tools cleaning, we’ve made a guide below. 


What is Considered a Makeup Tool?

Believe it or not, there are many makeup tools out on the market. From beauty blenders and brushes to eyelash curlers and tweezers. We use many different beauty tools to help bring our look together. Anything that you use to apply makeup is considered a cosmetic tool. 

make up tools

Why Should I Clean My Makeup Tools?

Cleaning your makeup tools is important because they accumulate bacteria with every use. This bacteria can cause acne and blemishes. Bacteria isn’t the only thing you need to worry about with unclean makeup tools. Dead skin cells and oil linger in applicators, which cause clogged pores and can lead to dull skin. 

Bacteria, dead skin cells and oil are only a few of the issues. Unclean tools apply streaky and patchy makeup. Plus, dirty brush bristles can cause skin irritation and redness. And if you want your cosmetic applicators to last a long time, wash your tools routinely. 

make up brushes

How Often Should I Wash My Makeup Tools?

You should clean your makeup tools between uses and deep clean at least once a week. The more you clean, the less you have to worry about. For daily maintenance, disinfect your applicators with a disinfecting mist. You can make your own disinfectant with witch hazel extract and grapefruit essential oil. You can also buy makeup disinfectant spray or wipes. Deep cleaning your brushes will rid them of any extra dirt and grime that might linger after disinfecting. 

How Do I Wash My Makeup Tools?

Daily cleaning is simple with a spray or wipe, but deep cleaning takes a little more work. There are many cleaning tools and solutions out on the market you can use. Each one of these tools and cleaning products will come with their own instructions on how to use and maintain them. For beauty lovers who want to clean their applicators through a DIY method: have unscented soap, water, olive oil, and paper towels. Mix together the soap and water and let your brushes sit the water for a few seconds. Once they finish in the water and soap mixture, rinse them off with warm water. For tools that have stubborn residue, use olive oil to break down any extra grime and dirt. After the brushes are washed, lay them out on a paper towel to dry. 

Never miss a makeup tools cleaning day again! Keep your tools clean for flawless skin.


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