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How To Perform an At-Home Lymphatic Massage

How To Perform an At-Home Lymphatic Massage

Looking for a simple, affordable self-care routine that boosts circulation and immunity while delivering a glow? Read on!

Here’s how to perform an at-home lymphatic massage!

If you’ve mindlessly scrolled through Instagram recently during lockdown, we’re guilty!), you may have noticed an intriguing trend being endorsed by wellness gurus. We’re talking about lymphatic drainage - a manual massage technique that works to eliminate a clear fluid called lymph from the body.    


According to those in the know, there are multiple benefits linked with at-home lymphatic massages. Those benefits include: reduced swelling and water retention, boosted circulation, improved immune system, and the most tempting of all, a simple way to tackle the appearance of pesky cellulite. 

But what is lymph? Celebrity-approved, lymphatic drainage massage expert Flávia Lanini, explains that the clear fluid moves through the body’s arteries and tissues to clean them out, but unlike the heart, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump to push lymphs around the body. Therefore, a drainage massage stimulates the lymphatic system to work quickly and eliminate the lymph through lymph nodes located in your body. 


To perform an at-home lymphatic drainage massage, you’ll need a trusty dry body brush which can be used pre-shower. Many also swear by following up post-shower with body oil and a wooden paddle for optimal results. 

Ready to try it for yourself? This popular video demonstrates how the pros do it. Alternatively, this nifty clip shows how to perform the whole body technique using a facial stone!  

Now, on to the face. Not only does a facial massage help reduce tension and stress, it also offers major beauty benefits such as improved complexion and better absorption of products. Some also believe that this practice is anti-aging, and have even gone so far as to refer to it as a ‘nonsurgical face lift’. Sign us up, please!

While many people opt to use a tool like a gua sha or a jade roller, you can just as easily reap the rewards by using your hands. Most importantly, you need a good facial oil to ensure the skin has some ‘slip’ and you’re not pulling and dragging. 


Start with clean, dry skin and mist with a toner before applying said oil. This step-by-step guide by Joanna Vargas, explains everything from how much pressure to where your touch points are. These facials are even sought after by celebrities like Sofia Vergara!

This viral video by social media star Dr. Mona Vand, outlines an alternative method for a lifting, toning, detoxifying and stimulating massage. In the footage, the expert explains that it’s normal to see some redness in your skin while performing the technique, but you shouldn’t be pushing too hard to aggravate the complexion either. Dr. Vand also recommends using an oil cleanser instead of a facial oil for more slip. She adds that it’s key to perform the massage in the morning, so your face appears bright and lifted for the day. Pro tip: remember to also incorporate deep breathing to enhance the relaxing, grounding experience.

Lastly, while at-home lymphatic massages are safe, experts recommend consulting with your doctor before incorporating them into your routine. If you have ever experienced blood clots, congestive heart failure, active lymphatic infection, or unusual swelling with no known cause, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation. 


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