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Rid Peach Fuzz With a Step-by-Step Dermaplaning Guide

Rid Peach Fuzz With a Step-by-Step Dermaplaning Guide

We’ve created this dermaplaning guide to show you how and why this trend has been so popular lately!

This dermaplaning guide will help you ease into one of the newer beauty trends!

According to reports, a leading beauty product supplier saw a 58% increase in interest in its dermaplaning category since the lockdown. Though, when you think about it, beauty clinics, waxing facilities, and threading studios closed nationwide, making options limited. 

What is dermaplaning? Using a painless blade (usually a surgical scalpel) to scrape away facial hair and built up bacteria. Dermaplaning is a relatively simple way for an esthetician or dermatologist to remove super fine vellus hair- commonly referred to as ‘peach fuzz.’ 


The popular technique is also one of the most effective ways to deal with skin issues such as dullness, wrinkles, and breakouts. It tackles the layers of dead skin cells that gather on your face. Working like an exfoliator, dermaplaning also helps your skincare products penetrate deeper and more effectively. Plus, if you’re into watching oddly satisfying, can’t-look-away skincare videos, you need to check this one out.

While, of course, it’s essential to have a licensed professional perform the dermaplaning on you, more and more people are turning to similar at-home options, which is why we created this dermaplaning guide.

Kerry Benjamin, founder and esthetician of Stacked Skincare, explained that people commonly use a razor, a woman’s facial hair trimmer, or an eyebrow shaper. Leading retailers offer alternative tools for dermaplaning. These tools are less intense than what a professional might use, so they do need to be used more frequently to maintain results. The recommendation is to dermaplane 2x a month, max. 


Benjamin advises starting with clean, very dry skin. Once your skin is prepped, this video explains the ins and outs of the technique using an at-home dermaplaning tool.  

Your cries of, “Won’t shaving my face make hair grow back coarser?” ]are silenced. A medical esthetician explained to Cosmopolitan, that even after shaving, your hair grows back at the same rate and thickness as before. 

Remember, it’s absolutely essential to avoid dermaplaning or shaving if you have highly reactive, sensitive, acne-prone skin, eczema, rosacea, or keratosis pilaris. Dermatologists also warn that scarring can happen if you don’t know what you’re doing. Gulp! It’s always best to seek advice from a trusted professional before attempting it yourself. Hopefully this dermaplaning guide steers you in the right direction!


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