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Look Out for These Vintage Pieces When Thrifting

Look Out for These Vintage Pieces When Thrifting

When going thrift shopping, we tend to miss out on high-end goods hidden away. Here are some vintage pieces to keep your eyes peeled for!

These vintage pieces may be tucked away in a random thrift shop!

Speaking of currency, remember that every time you step foot into a consignment or charity store, the chance of stumbling across vintage pieces is incredibly high. After all, the saying, “one person’s trash is another’s treasure,” is popular for a reason. 


Whether you’re an eagle-eye scout or if you simply pop in for a browse, from time to time, these are the items and brands to remain on high alert. 

Chanel anything

Naturally, one of — if not the most — aspirational brands in the world is on top of everyone’s wish list. While it’s likely due to the sheer elegance of the French house’s garments and accessories, this is also down to the fact that most Chanel pieces actually increase in value as they age (once they’re taken good care of, of course.) In particular, keep your beady eyes peeled for bags and accessories like brooches, sunglasses, belts and jewelry from the 1980s and 1990s, pieces that are always in high demand on resale sites. This writer managed to bag a classic Chanel tweed blazer from a West Hollywood thrift store for $200 — so don’t let anyone tell you that miracles can’t happen!

A Burberry trench 

Another classic, and for good reason. The perennial, timeless jacket retails for a pretty penny, but luckily it’s not unusual to find one nestled in the racks of a preloved store. Ps. If you’re on the lookout to buy something second hand that is in plentiful supply — i.e. not a rare collector’s item — consider checking out one of the internet’s many popular resale sites such as TheRealReal, Tradesy or Fashionphile as pricing is sure to be competitive. 

vintage store


The craze for unabashedly logo-centric designer items (think: anything from the buzzy Italian labels of the 1990s) remains constant. Pieces that seem to routinely come back in fashion include: bags, shoes, and belts in signature, instantly-recognisable heritage prints by Gucci, Fendi and Versace print. Noughties-era Dior is also big right now, and likely always will be. Happy hunting! 

Louis Vuitton luggage

If something has been around for 150 years, you know it’s certainly earned its iconic status. You don’t need to be a frequent flier to appreciate the appeal of Louis Vuitton suitcases and holdalls- the first word in chic traveling. Not to mention Louis Vuitton trunks, which make for stunning decor if nothing else. 


Louis Vuitton
Iconic footwear 

The labels made famous all over the world by fictional shoe queen, Carrie Bradshaw, remain some of the most sought after vintage pieces. But, just like if Bradshaw actually was making a writer’s salary while living in New York City, the price remains far beyond our budget. Luckily, spotting Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choos on the racks isn’t that unusual. Just remember to not blow your apartment deposit on said dancing shoes. Otherwise, we will all be “the old woman who lived in her shoes.”  


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