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5 of the Biggest Kombucha Health Benefits

5 of the Biggest Kombucha Health Benefits

The many kombucha health benefits are more than enough reason to drink it more often!

These kombucha health benefits will have you stocking up your fridge!

That trend is kombucha. If you don’t already know, kombucha is the process of fermenting effervescent, sweetened green tea or black tea. This tea has actually been consumed for thousands of years, but has recently made a name for itself in the health and wellness industry. So what exactly are the kombucha health benefits that have made it so popular?


1. Gut Health

Because kombucha is a potential source of probiotics, one of its health benefits is its ability to balance the good bacteria in your gut. This may actually help in relieving any gastrointestinal issues, such as constipation or bloating. 


2. Anti-inflammatory

The teas that are used in kombucha contain polyphenols. These are antioxidants that may help lessen inflammation in the body when combined with positive lifestyle changes, such as a healthy diet and exercise regimen. 


3. May Help Prevent Cancer

Every day there is new evidence that kombucha may assist in the prevention of certain types of cancers. This is because kombucha has antioxidant properties which help rid your body of free radicals that promote the growth of cancer cells. 


4. Immune System Booster

Because the digestive system and immune system are so closely intertwined, it makes sense that kombucha can provide an immune boost. In fact, about 70% of the immune system is found in the gut. The lining of your intestines creates antibodies that help protect the body. Kombucha provides a dose of good bacteria, which certainly helps. 

5. Heart Health

Kombucha actually has the possibility to positively influence your cholesterol levels. Combine this with daily exercise and a healthy diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, can really help improve your overall heart health. 

Most brands of kombucha work with flavors such as turmeric, ginger, guava, carrot, and orange. These foods alone already come with their own benefits, so adding them to your kombucha drink will only make it that much more powerful. With hundreds (if not thousands) of flavors and brands to choose from, you’re definitely bound to find a kombucha that you’ll fall in love with. Not only will your taste buds love it, but you’ll get to enjoy all the kombucha health benefits that it has to offer you.


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