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3 IBS Trigger Foods You Should Absolutely Avoid

3 IBS Trigger Foods You Should Absolutely Avoid

Sometimes, taking care of your gut health means avoiding certain IBS trigger foods.

Understandably, IBS trigger foods can make it hard to create a well-balanced diet.

Certain IBS trigger foods may affect your digestive system negatively, so it’s best to avoid foods that may cause any uncomfortable symptoms. Reducing these foods can reduce bloating, cramping, and help you have more regular bowel movements.



Gluten is a group of proteins found in grains, like wheat or rye. Research suggests that a gluten-free diet may assist in improving IBS symptoms. Opt-in for choosing gluten-free bread or flours if you were thinking about continuing to eat bread in your daily life. We don’t blame you!



Dairy is a known trigger for people with irritable bowel syndrome. Many types of dairy are high in fat. This could lead to uncomfortable symptoms, such as diarrhea. Switch to plant alternatives like almonds, oats, rice, or soy milk if you have issues with dairy. These are all great options that are just as good for your body as dairy would be without the unpleasant symptoms.


Fried Foods

It can be difficult to say goodbye to delicious fried foods, such as the beloved french fry. However, the high-fat content in various fried foods may trigger gastrointestinal issues in people with irritable bowel syndrome.


Garlic and Onions

While, admittedly, garlic and onions are amazing at enhancing any dish with their aromatic flavors, they are a big no-no if you have irritable bowel syndrome. This is because garlic and onions are particularly difficult for your intestines to break down, causing painful gas. Try limiting these two in your diet and you may notice significant relief.



This one may be surprising, but alcohol is a well-known trigger for IBS folks. This is because of the way the body digests alcohol. Additionally, alcohol can cause dehydration which can also affect your digestion.

It may seem like your diet is super restrictive when dealing with IBS trigger foods, but it’s so worth it for relief from your worst symptoms. This is also a great opportunity to try new foods your gut will love. Having IBS is not the end of the world. Once you find your triggers, it is a much easier condition to manage.


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