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Ready to Pop the Question 5 Winter Proposal Ideas

Ready to Pop the Question? 5 Winter Proposal Ideas!

It’s time to for an engagement! Here are a few of the best winter proposal ideas so your future fiancé has no choice but to say yes!

You have found the love of your life. This person is kind, loving, generous, and everything you’ve ever wanted and so much more. How did you ever get so lucky? Here is an even more important question. How do you make sure you stay lucky for the rest of your life?image

It sounds like it’s time for a proposal!

You don’t have to wait for spring or summer to create the most memorable proposal. There are a lot of romantic ideas you can personalize for you and your significant other. Here are a few ways to woo your soulmate and come up with the perfect proposal that will make it easy for your loved one to say yes!

1.   Ski trip love.

Plan a vacation for you and the love of your life. Pick out a beautiful chalet, hire a chef or cook dinner for that special night, and adorn your significant other with their favorite things for your getaway. After dinner, lure your soulmate outside or into a room with candles and flowers (if they like these sentiments of course), and pop the question!

2.   Invite the entire family.

For couples who believe that family is the most important thing, this idea could be the most thoughtful and memorable. Invite the family members that are closest to you over for a family dinner. And don’t skimp on the details. Get the best food, drink, and people together in one room and pop the question in front of everyone. But let’s say the most important person to your mate lives out of town. Fly them in and have them bring the ring!

3.   Christmas proposal.

Hide the ring in another present and let your significant other find it. This proposal is great for those who love to keep their partner on their toes or play pranks. Hint at a proposal and build the anticipation for your mate. Like any other red-blooded human, they’ll be expecting a proposal during the gift exchange. Nope! Hide the ring someplace where they won’t find it right away but won’t take thousands of years for them to find. Once they do find it. Boom! The proposal is on!image

4.   New Year’s Proposal.

Maybe the Christmas proposal isn’t really your style. Well, what about New Year’s? I can’t think of anything more unexpected than a proposal at the stroke of midnight. If you have a nosey significant other that always knows when something big is coming, then this may be the proposal for you! No one expects to be proposed to on this day, especially at a New Year’s Eve party. Imagine this. Three, two, one! And as they turn to kiss you, you meet them on one knee with the question, “Will you marry me?” The reaction will be priceless!

5.   Have the carolers back you up.

This season is full of traditions and carolers are one of them. Pretend you are going to be late getting in. Hire a group of singers to come to your door and sing some of the most popular holiday songs. In the middle of a song like “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” have them replace the lyrics with something like “we wish you would say yes, we wish you would say yes, we wish you would say yes…” Have them move to the side to reveal “Will you marry me” written in the snow and you on one knee!image

Relive these proposals over and over again by recording them. While you are setting up space, hide a camera in the room, and press record. You two will never forget this moment and be able to share it with your families and friends anywhere and everywhere!

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