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Ditch Your Swimsuit for One of These Pool Party Outfits

Ditch Your Swimsuit for One of These Pool Party Outfits

Sunscreen? Check. Lip balm? Check. Hair done? Check. Bronzed and beautiful? Check and check. Pool party outfit? *crickets*.

Before heading out, make sure you have your pool party outfit ready to go!

Here are some alternative pool party outfits for those of us who prefer being draped in more fabric.

The part that some people grapple with is, what do I wear? Not everyone wants to wear a bathing suit to a pool party (me - I'm everyone). In all seriousness, some ladies and gents aren't trying to show a ton of skin for whatever reason, and that's totally cool. Some want to don a super cute or cool outfit without the need to take it off because maybe they don't plan on getting in the pool to begin with.

Here I list several alternative options to the bathing suit and swim trunks for those of us that prefer being draped in more fabric.


Pleated midi skirt - $19.50

A flowy, demure skirt paired with a tank top and some comfy sandals is just perfection.


Black Short Sleeve Soft Knit Mini Dress With Chest Pocket - $39.99

Maybe you want something a little more sporty for the occasion. Try a t-shirt style dress and pair it with a pair of converse and a baseball cap. You'll be comfortable and cute.

Casual Buttons Henley Shirt - $19.99

This one is for the fellas. An easy, breathable shirt that will look great with shorts or pants. It's casual but not as casual as a regular t-shirt, which is a much better option.

Slim Fit Chino Shorts - $17.99

Keeping things pool-party-festive is the way to go, but you don't always have to wear bright colors or loud patterns to get in the spirit. Try a pair of fitted chinos that have a discreet design on them that says your festive but also classy.

Heart Signal Convertible Mini Dress - $78

Free-flowing and effortless. This garment can be worn as a dress or a skirt. Wear your bikini under it if you think you might want to switch up your look halfway through the party. 

Lolinda White Convertible Halter Jumpsuit - $53

Turn heads in this white, sexy, and sophisticated jumpsuit. Style the straps in a multitude of ways. From one shoulder, halter, and strapless. This outfit is classic and perfect for any pool party this summer.

Catch Me By The Beach Romper - $34.99

Bold and sexy for the gals that want those beach vibes by the pool.

Pool parties are one of the more casual and fun events of the summer, and you should pick an outfit that's going to make you feel good. Make sure the fabric is comfortable and breathable because you'll be spending a lot of time outside, possibly in the sun, but hopefully in the shade. 

Outdoor events like these typically last all day, so make sure your pool party outfit is well thought out, because you want to enjoy time with friends and family without fussing or tugging at your clothes.


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