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3 Ways Youre Washing Your Face Wrong

3 Ways You're Washing Your Face Wrong

From expensive creams, exfoliators, and toners — lots of products out there can help keep our faces acne free! Here's how to wash your face properly.

However, what if I told you the way we wash our face can affect our desired outcome?

Something as simple as washing your face can often be done incorrectly. Here are the three most common ways you’re washing your face wrong.

Using Hot Water

It always feels amazing to cleanse with hot water, but unfortunately, it won’t be great for your face in the long run. It strips the skin of necessary natural oils and leaves you with dry, flaky skin. It could even cause breakouts! Use cool or lukewarm water instead.

Washing Your Face More Than Twice a Day

If you’re washing your face with cleansers and oils more than two times a day, please stop! Overwashing can harm your skin’s natural protective system against the environment and can affect how the skin retains moisture. In turn, this can cause early wrinkles and fine lines. No one wants that, so please no more than twice a day.

Don’t Over Exfoliate

You don’t have to scrub your face too harshly or exfoliate more than twice a week to get a clean face. Your face is delicate and you have to treat it with care. Try to be delicate with your face.

I hope these three tips help you on your journey to a radiant, bright face!


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