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5 Things That Will Forever Be Different Because of Covid-19

5 Things That Will Forever Be Different Because of Covid-19

Change can be scary, but it's inevitable. Society will change a lot as the result of the effects of COVID-19. What will be the new normal?

There are so many things that will never be the same, long after the pandemic dies down and becomes a part of history. Are these changes for the better?

Cleaning practices

One of the things that will forever be different because of this pandemic will be the cleaning practice of not only the general public but of businesses. It will be more common for customers to want to know that businesses really are following the proper sanitation practices and we’ll definitely be more hyper-aware of the things we touch.


Food Delivery

Obviously we have always been ordering take-out, but this is something that will significantly increase even after the pandemic is over. We’ll all definitely start to think twice before we decide to eat out at a restaurant, at least for a while. Restaurants that used to just focus on dining at the establishment have been forced to adopt a more take-out style method to their menu and it’s been a great way to show adaptation to unfortunate circumstances.

On-Demand Services

It’s been a long time since more places have on-demand services. Well before the pandemic, there have been people who have just not been able to do certain things for one reason or another, such as getting a haircut at a salon. With apps like MOBILESTYLES where we bring stylists straight to you, we are quite literally bringing businesses to your doorstep, making it so much easier to get things done without having to leave the house. MOBILESTYLES is a great way to get so many services without having to leave the house, such as massage therapy, hair styling, and even nail designs.

on demand services

Online Shopping

You’ll probably notice you’ll think twice about stopping at a Walmart to pick up a pack of hangers when you can buy them online instead. Online shopping will definitely become the new normal, and it would be beneficial for brick and mortar businesses to follow suit.

Working From Home

Because of this pandemic, so many companies have realized that not only can almost all of their employees successfully work from home, but they can save a ton of money on overhead costs by allowing their employees to do their work from the comfort of their home. Some businesses have already made it permanent for their employees to work from home! Obviously not every business can do this, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction for employees’ well being and a company’s wallet.


Just because things are going to be different, it doesn’t necessarily mean this is a bad thing. When we can learn to adapt to changes, we can grow as a society. Sometimes it takes something as extreme as a pandemic to realize that there are so many things in our lives that would be better improved if we did just a few changes to our daily lives.


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