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MOBILESTYLES Nationwide PRO Spotlight mdash Maria F

MOBILESTYLES Nationwide PRO Spotlight — Maria F.

At MOBILESTYLES, we make sure to invest in our PROs so that they can expand their craft, brand, and story through our platform.

Traditional salons are adapting to on-demand jobs, so MOBILESTYLES App is determined to deliver these services and stories to your doorstep with a few touches on our app.

Clients trust their cosmetologist - they want someone to be well educated, creative, good with people, have great customer service, and be an active listener. Maria F., from Washington, D.C., LOVES working with others and creating relationships with her clients. Maria has been studying psychology in her free time for the last four years, enhancing her interpersonal skills and customer service skills. She says studying psychology has helped her master professional-client interactions. It has also allowed her to work with all types of clientele. Maria is able to read and understand each of her client’s personality traits and uses that to create a great experience at each session.


Even though some of her clients would prefer to be quiet or work through their appointment, she says she enjoys getting to know each of her clients' hair needs and lifestyle habits. She believes knowing more in-depth about a person’s lifestyle is crucial for when she is working on their hair, so then she can further recommend and advise her clients on services they are curious about or interested in getting done. She treats all of her clients as new, even if they recurringly book her because clients change with their hair, as well as where they are in life. She genuinely enjoys giving her clients advice about things beyond their hair.

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Some advice that Maria did share with us is her best-kept health and beauty secrets! She believes some of the more natural remedies will do wonders to nourish our way to natural beauty in comparison to products for a quick fix. She believes drinking the proper amount of water for your body type and incorporating more wholesome foods will help to achieve healthy hair, glowing skin, and strong nails. Realistically, there isn’t a magical recipe to give anyone the most incredible beauty benefits. But, diet and lifestyle habits play a crucial part in these three areas. She likes to use only natural hair care products on all her clients. Maria also says to love yourself and do what makes YOU happy! Whether it's going on a run, washing your hair and doing a hair mask, meditating, or getting your nails done, you're doing it for yourself, creating your own happiness, and making yourself feel good.

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In the next 5 years, Maria plans to have her own beauty business with a full line of hair products. Keep a lookout for that and her upcoming hair tutorial with MOBILESTYLES!

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As a new cosmetology PRO with MOBILESTYLES, Maria is excited to book more clients and style their hair with a great up-do!

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If you are in the Washington, D.C. area needing a haircut, hair extensions, straightening, style, natural hair, book Maria through the MOBILESTYLES App without having to leave your home! She can’t wait to meet you! Remember to check out our blog for more wonderful PROs and beauty insights! Follow us on Instagram @mobilestylesapp.


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