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Trick-or-Treat  The Social Distancing Edition

Trick-or-Treat — The Social Distancing Edition

Halloween is a little different this year. That’s why we made this trick-or-treat social distancing guide.

We’ve all heard the rumors and speculations — is Halloween canceled this year? While every town may have its requirements, October 31st is not stopping.

Instead, you have to think and plan before you go out. To make planning easier on you, we made this guide on trick-or-treating that follows social distancing guidelines.

Mask Up

The great thing about Halloween costumes is that a majority of them come with a mask that you only wear once. By wearing a mask during trick-or-treating, you are already protecting your children from anyone they make contact with. While out trick-or-treating, make sure your child keeps the mask on the entire time they are out. Once you get home, you can either disinfect the mask or just throw it away.

Sanitize On the Go

While trick-or-treating, you cannot forget about your hand sanitizer. You will be using this between every house that you go to. You never know what germs are on doorbells, gates, knockers, doors, and even candy. Make sure your child does not eat any candy while out. Disinfect and check every piece once you get home.

No More Trunk-or-Treats

Trunk-or-treat is a great way to get tons of candy at one location. Unfortunately, these events usually have tons of people, so it is best to avoid them this year. Unless they come up with a trunk-or-treat drive-thru edition. At least then, there are fewer chances for many people.

toddler wearing snow white costume photo

Avoid Rush Hours

Since this year Halloween is on a Saturday, you do not have to hurry up and trick-or-treat. This year you can take your time and avoid peak hours. During peak hours, there will be tons of families out at each door. Lower your chances of seeing many people by going at times that are not as busy like during dinner hours or closer to 9 p.m.

When in Doubt Do it At Home

If you are not sure or uncomfortable with going out on Halloween with your children, then stay home. You can have a festive time by having a Halloween movie night where you give your kids all the sweets that you prepared. For extra fun, you can also decorate every door of your home and let your kids go ‘trick-or-treating.’

Even though Halloween trick-or-treating is a little different this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Follow the steps above for a fun yet safe holiday.


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