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Why You Should Switch To A Silk Pillowcase ASAP

Why You Should Switch To A Silk Pillowcase ASAP

Say goodbye to bed hair! You probably know at least one person in your life that has a silk pillowcase and swears by it.

“It’s amazing!” they say. You go to any retail store and you’ll always find silk pillowcases for sale.

If you’re wondering why silk has become a new favorite for anyone who is into self-care or beauty, you’ll be surprised to learn the many benefits of switching to a silk pillowcase.

Prevents wrinkles

Because silk is such a smooth surface, it prevents tugging and friction created by traditional pillowcases. When you’re sleeping, it’s common to get a lot of pulling and tugging on your skin and you nod into a deep sleep. A silk pillowcase can prevent that pulling, keeping you from developing premature wrinkles on one side (or both sides!) of your face depending on which side you sleep on the most frequently.

Reduces frizz

If you have a cotton pillowcase, you probably deal with the dreaded bedhead at least a few times a week without fail. Switching to a silk pillowcase will help prevent the friction your hair experiences with cotton, keeping it from getting frizzy and tangled. Now you can wake up with silky smooth hair every day!

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Keeps skin moisturized

That iconic smooth texture of silk can even make your skin feel less dry. This is because silk is less likely to absorb the moisture from your skin the way cotton does. Having a silk pillowcase means you’re more likely to wake up feeling hydrated and fresh rather than dry. This is also perfect for the dryer, winter months.

Keeps you dry and cool

Surprisingly enough, the fibers of silk are actually temperature-regulating. This means that, unlike cotton which absorbs moisture, silk will actually wick away moisture. This will leave you dry and cool all night long.

It may feel a little weird at first to be using a silk pillowcase instead of your usual cotton, but soon you’ll be a convert. The feeling you get from sleeping on a pillowcase will make you realize why your friends obsess over having one. Honestly, just waking up one day without bedhead might be enough for you to be convinced! Try it out and sleep well!


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