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Rain Rain Time to Slay How To Look Stylish in the Rain

Rain, Rain, Time to Slay: How To Look Stylish in the Rain

Who says bad weather attire can’t be fashionable? Here are the best ways to look stylish in the rain.

Hurricane season is almost over, but that doesn’t mean the rain will go away. During the fall months, it rains on and off while the weather begins to get ready for the snow.

There is no need to stay inside when it is pouring when instead, you can slay in the rain. That’s why we created this guide on the best ways to look stylish in the rain.

Raincoat Dreams

The first step in your trendy rain attire is to wear a raincoat. While you can stick to the traditional yellow raincoat that we all wore as children, there are many different colors and styles of adult waterproof coats now. Depending on the weather, you can find a puffy coat, a lightweight cover, and even long and short rain jackets. Plus, a raincoat also works as a transitional clothing item this season.

pair of black-and-multicolored floral boots photo

Rain Boots That Splish & Splash

The worst part of stepping outside in the rain is getting our shoes, socks, and feet wet. Don’t let this happen to you anymore by preparing your closet with rain boots. You can find rain boots that are long, short, fur-lined, and any color or design imaginable. We love these bright pink, high-heeled rain boots from ASOS.

Under Your Umbrella

Treat your umbrella on those rainy days as a fashion accessory. You can find umbrellas literally in every size, color, and design imaginable. We suggest having at least one black, clear, and fun style umbrella. For a large selection of umbrellas, check out Amazon. While shopping, make sure to check out the size before you purchase. A cute umbrella is great and all, but you also want it to do its job.

Nacho Normal Poncho

On days where you do not know if it is going to rain or not, a poncho is always great to have on hand. While you can buy plain ponchos from your local supermarket or convenience store, you can find stylish ones as well. From clear plastic to funky designs, you will find the right cover for you.

Rainy days do not have to have fashion no-nos anymore. With the above suggestions, you will stay dry and stylish all season long.


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