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Transition Your Skincare for Fall

Transition Your Skincare for Fall

Now that seasons have changed, it’s time to transition your skincare for fall and get rid of those summer habits.

While we were enjoying the kisses of sunshine during the summer, we were also preparing our skincare for fall.

Even though you don’t think you need to change up your skincare for fall, it's an absolute must every time the season changes. That’s why we created this list to help!


Switch Your Cleansers

In the summer, our face produces extra oils, so we use foaming cleansers or gels to help strip our skin of this excess. However, since there is less moisture in the air during the fall, foaming cleansers created to rid your skin of its natural oils will cause more dryness and irritation in the cooler months. The best way to beat cleansers that cause dry skin is to use a face wash that is gentle and creamy.


Cut Back on Exfoliating

Exfoliating happens to help rid your skin of excess oils, dirt, and other impurities. While this is great during the summer, the fall is the complete opposite. Exfoliating creams and face washes will dry your skin out even more and can cause skin breakage if your skin is too dry. That is why it is important to cut your exfoliating down to one or two times a week during the fall.

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Switch Your Moisturizers

Lightweight and thin moisturizers were all in during the summer, but once colder weather hits, you need to switch to a heavier, more hydrating lotion. Due to the lack of moisture, you are going to want to add a moisturizer that can replenish your skin.


Add Chapstick or Vaseline

Sometimes we forget about our lips when we think of skincare. However, your lips are just as important. That’s why you can beat the cold and dry lips by applying chapstick or vaseline. While there are many flavors and scents on chapsticks, many beauty professionals recommend users to stick to a non-scented lip balm, chapstick, or vaseline.


Invest in a Humidifier

When cooler weather moves in, moisture in the air leaves. This decrease of moisture can dry out your skin, which can cause wrinkles, dry skin, and other aging issues. Beat dry skin and aging by investing in a humidifier for your room. A humidifier adds extra moisture in the air and helps not only your skin but your breathing as well. Plus, it comes in handy whenever you come down with a cold.

Now that you know how to transition your skincare from summer to fall, it’s time to show us your sparkly skin. Let us know what some of your go-to skincare for fall items are on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter @mobilestylesapp. 


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